Pantech Reveal Review

With all the phones that have been presented recently and their features trendy to many of you will escape the issues of “range” lower-middle of mobile mobile phones. It does not appear to think that’s AT &T is ready to launch phone that really affect all economic buyers who have little money to invest on the phone and have the same need for owning one.

We’re talking about Pantech Reveal. The company AT &T has made this phone available to purchase of this phone to $ 80 tied at 2-year contract with them, in short about 53 Euros.

Pantech and AT & T have always been good friends and have recently marketed devices with bit strange design like this Pantech Reveal and Pantech Impact.

Specific to the phone, there are two active keyboards at the same time so that the user numbers as well as letters which makes quick messaging really easy and quick.
Pantech Reveal is also ideal phone in this price class for managing your videos and photos, instant messaging or e-mailing. All of this is the 3G speed and manage music and video playback makes it very easy.
AT & T’s Pantech Reveal has HTML browser preinstalled with bookmarks and favorites. Browsing experience is also quite fast and smooth.

All in all, this is good phone with the most used features available in the phone. Definately good choiche in this price range in case you don’t mind this phone’s akward design.

4 thoughts on “Pantech Reveal Review”

  1. I would like to hear more about this phone to compare it with the Pantech Impact. Would Love to know if this phone has a signature in it’s text messages.

  2. I have had my Reveal one week. So far it has randomly turned off once. No one can hear me unless I am screaming into the phone. The screen turns green, yellow and red making reading the screen impossible.

    Don’t waste your money!!

  3. This phone is pretty terrible. I was tryna get mines the other night phone sexin my boyfriend and he could not hear a word I was sayin. I think imma call up the peoples i bought this from and see about gettin me some freeebies cuz gurl i tell youuu somthin this aint worth your money. it heats up my face make my makesup run off mah face almost catchin my weave on fire believe me sugah imma get mines on this one

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