Pantech Impact Review

Here is short Pantech Impact review. So lets have quick look into into main features.

This new mobile recently presented by Pantech was first released in October by the operator AT & T. The Impact is the kind of focus on mobilepantech impact review web browsing, since it has the Opera browser but not optimized to power, with greater accuracy and HTML compression, thereby reducing the overhead of bandwidth in 3G connectivity.

In addition, the Pantech Impact carries full QWERTY keyboard making it perfect for sending mass messages. Two screens, small on the outside and the other team’s bigger on the inside. We also find camera that records video, 3G connectivity and GPS, music player, mobile HTML browser and quick access to instant messaging and emails.

From November 22 will be available commercially at price of $99 with two-year contract.

Pantech is not line that has spread internationally and it is shame because they have many high quality products. In market where mobile phones are trying to differentiate, Pantech Impact turn the tide by providing its users new style of mobile phone.

pantech impact cellphone at & tI’m sure with the new model will begin to Impact our attention fixed in this company.

Its design is exquisite, with high-shine cover dark colors and fine details in bright blue and soft pink, is visually appealing.

It has two screens one external and internal. When you open you can see that has full QWERTY keyboard. It also highlights its internal color screen and two tiny speakers, which play well the role of letting us hear the sounds of music and websites like Youtube.

Connectivity is 3G, which is very important for quick and easy access to the website to check our emails, the feeds you’re subscribed and play music and view video online.

As extra gadget includes GPS, not essential and is appreciated however that already included.

Pantech Impact allows users to make calls, send text messages and listen to and control music stored without opening the phone using the external display. For longer text messages can use the internal keyboard.

The external display allows viewing time, the number of incoming or which mark us as well as the telephone keypad numbers and options: Call and Hang Up.

And like other high-end phones, enables us to take photos and record videos to share.

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343 thoughts on “Pantech Impact Review”

  1. i just got this phone from craigslist the other day… nothing really seems to be wrong with it…. the whole ringtone and camera thing i can look past…but sometimes when i open the phone it stays black for a few seconds then flickers back to the home page… and my sister lost her fone the other day so i grabbed my phone to call hers and my phone wouldnt call it… it said it was ringing but hers never saw my call… idk if it was her fone actin up or mine? any one else have this problem??

  2. i hate it soo much!!!!!! I am having so many problems with it… I had 4 in one week because it wouldn’t work…i wish i could return it and now my keyboard is falling off…do NOT get this phone…it seems good in the begining but it isn’t..just take my advice!!!!!

  3. thank you folks. I have the same problem about phone not ending a call when i pressed the button. I first thought it was because my hands were cold and the heat receptors for the touch pad wouldn’t recognize my touch, it was negative 10 F. Also when I contacted tech support was informed that this was the first time they heard of my problem.
    Now I am wondering how to use the decimal point on the calculator, I do a lot of shopping and need it to compare prices.

  4. Hey! So I ordered this phone online. Am I going to regret getting it? IM getting mixed reviews on this phone. I have a friend who has this phone and she says its a terrific phone. I curretnly have the Pantech Link. It was an ok phone with minor bugs. When I went to the ATT store they said they no longer sell it in stores. He said u might wanna b careful with ordering a 2 year olod phone. it could have major bugs. Is there any major bugs i hould b worrying about?

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