Palm Pre Plus Review

At the CES 2010, Palm presented two new smart phones. These are the new Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus. 
Verizon Wireless will begin selling these phones during this  month.

Palm Pre Plus has 3 megapixel camera, equipped with sliding QWERTY keyboard.
Its size is 59 × 100 × 17 mm. Both of these devices will be powered by the WebOS operating system like the previous versions of these phones.

In the video you can see the boys testing the multitasking capabilities of the new Palm Pre Plus compared with those of the original Palm Pre. The difference implies that the RAM is more incredible, more than the authors themselves would expect.
Another difference is the removal of the center button that was present on the regular Pre , 16 GB storage memory (8 GB on the original Pre). It also doubles the RAM from 256 MB to 512MB, and the back cover is now already touchstone compatible.

The biggest downside of the regular Palm Pre was surely the abscence of nice keyboard, which appearance completely unmatched with the rest of the appearance of the Palm Pre. To accommodate its customers, Palm keyboard is equipped differently and looks similar to terms with the rest of the unit. The keyboard is much nicer by the different placement of keys.

nother specification that not all consumers were fully satisfied with the internal memory of the Palm Pre. There was 8 gigabytes of internal memory. Palm Pre Plus has double the amount of memory compared to its older brother.

Palm Pre Plus on the right and Pixi Plus on the left

While the original Palm Pre supports 13 applications open at once, the Pre Plus lets you keep open even 50 applications at once. Of course it gets bit slower after the first 30 apps are open, but gives no errors at all.

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