Nokia – The Most Sustainable Company In The World

According Dow Jones Indexes, which classifies the most important companies internationally according to the degree of sustainability of their activities. Nokia has won the title of leading technology company in environmental sustainability. The selections were made on 2500 companies in over 50 countries worldwide. nokia

All Nokia products are designed to reduce the environmental impact and energy consumption, encouraging recycling of products and selecting materials.

Among other things Nokia is working with NGOs and various government agencies to resolve environmental issues of major importance. Among the most important projects, we recall the development of software used by health professionals to counter the disease in Brazil and the use of mobile phones to provide educational support to poor children in Brazil, the Philippines and South Africa. The Finnish company has also designed office eco-friendly energy saving and development of environmental standards of high quality.

environment friendly

What do you think? Is Nokia the most eco-friendly company in the world?

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