Nokia N95 was introduced last year at the end of September in New York. Phone belongs to range of smart multimedia handsets with the Symbian operating system.  Unlike the N93 the N95 is, for example, surprisingly compact – and  equipped with 5-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HSDPA and large display.

With the popular N-series Nokia affected the boundaries of convergence off. The N95 is provisional end. Certainly not dare to mention mobile phone, because Nokia is nothing less than mobile multimedia computer. Opportunities are there in any case enough.

The N-family includes series of wayward devices, each with its own identity pronounced. In the view seems the N95 strongly last year, N80, the first mobile phone with UPnP compatibility via WiFi. Partly it is true that impression: the housing is about the same size and design, there are certainly similarities. But by the many functions on board the N95 is much more than the other N devices ideal tool for bloggers in the field photos or video to upload. Or for the many people who need jobs, but no sense to have notebook to draw.

The seemingly classic candybar housing hides surprise: the N95 is the first dual slider. If you hold the device right, moves to top of the screen and displays numeric keyboard. So far nothing new, because there are so many sliders.

But turn the N95 fourth left, you can completely into the top right shift. The screen automatically changes from portrait to landscape orientation and switches to different interface. There are also four media keys.

These media interface is an important part of the N95. Because Nokia has problem: the Finns must have their N-series multimedia computers as with the old familiar Series 60 interface that message is not entirely convincing. This is the interface to be ‘phone-centric. ” Time for new look so, especially when you’re working with media.

The media interface appears only in case the N95 landscape is used. Several media and Internet functions appear in semicircle, which gives you spin with the navigation buttons. The selected function appears under kind of magnifying glass. It must be said: it works.

The new menu system is pretty animated, operates smoothly and takes you straight to where you should – much better than the endlessly navigating to which the old menu system you mandatory. And that is something the problem: when you go to the general interface must return, you wondered why all the eye-catching features can be presented.

The screen in landscape mode places is also hit in the surf. Thanks to the excellent Nokia Browser (based on components of Apple), you can still see most sites on the small screen. The ability to operate in kind of position on helicopter to fly page and zooming in on interesting pieces is unparalleled. The only problem is that you keep to another slider position should switch to URL to enter. The numeric keypad is not accessible to the media keys show.

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