Nokia N900 Success

Nokia is seeing that there is great interest in their new high end model Nokia N900, key product for the leading global manufacturer of mobile phones, said on Wednesday senior official of the company.Nokia N900

“Since we began two weeks ago to show to wider audience, has been huge run-run and interest. Much interest,” he told Reuters Ari Jaaksi, vice president at Nokia Maemo devices on the sidelines of conference on programs to mobiles in the Netherlands city of Amsterdam.

“We are now completing the package, software, hardware, marketing campaign. The goal is to go out in October,” said Jaaksi.

The new N900 is the first model from Nokia that runs on Maemo Linux operating system. Analysts believe that both this and other mobile Linux devices are key for Nokia to recover ground in the coming years.

The Finnish company’s stable market share overall, with about 40 percent, but lost ground in the more expensive models at companies like Apple.

The high-end products are important for Nokia not only for this loss of market share, but because its average selling prices have fallen faster than the industry average.

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