Nokia N86 8MP Review

The Nokia N97 did not perhaps entirely to join the summit on smartphone field. But we look to multimedia mobile phones, then, the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer is contributing fully. The new N86 8MP underlines once again.

Nokia phones haven’t been the most innovative ones in the cell phone market. Instead of the latest technology the Finns prefer to focus on making the existing technology perfect. That is well reflected in the N86 that the company began to market in July 2009.

This is beautiful mobile entertainment with cool-business appearance for once not touch-sensitive screen. The operation performed by means of physical, numeric keys, that appear when you slide the screen up. Slide the screen down little centimeter, then appear above the screen couple of multimedia keys, which also immediately serve as action buttons for N-Gage games.

As you may already know, we also consider the Symbian operating system are identified as the best OS that can adorn phone. The large icons and the somewhat bold to do corny, as in case to low-resolution screen is staring.

The camera on board this aircraft black (a white version is also available) on paper not really seem to form fist against the latest models of LG, Samsung and others. While some mobile phone makers have to print screens of 12 archers megapixels, the N86 does it with an 8-megapixel camera.

But in case we go through this bullshit dots, we see cell phone which you definitely do not be ashamed. Thus, the screen may not touchscreen, but it has an AMOLED panel. This technology currently provides the best picture quality in mobile land, which contrast with lot of LCD TVs can only dream of and color fastness where even the most acidic photographer is sweet.

Partly because the information on the screen even in direct sunlight readable. Any prejudice that such visibility is bit overridden by fingerprints. And given the model of slider, you can not escape on regular finger on the screen planting.

A resolution of 8 megapixels like paper lot for contemporary mobile-cam. But Nokia concepts was milestone: the N86 is the first mobile phone that such pixel count meekrijgt. Why not earlier? As megapixels alone do not say much: the quality of the lens and the camera software in terms of more decisive.

This powerful lesson – that many manufacturers in the air strike, because large number of megapixels simply sells – Nokia has in recent years well understood. Instead of cheap lenses, the camera phones have the quality Carl Zeiss lenses.

The result is visible.  Compare the 8-megapixel prints from the 12-megapixel N86 with posters of rival mobile phones, then you clearly see that the N86 sharper and clearer images, with less noise. The dual LED flash does not take half measures. Would you in the dark to take good pictures, then this Nokia definitely must. Even movies – are they all in VGA resolution – are of quality competitive handsets deliver the shame.

Symbian may be most mothers are not, it is easy to use. Menus are bright and clear, and you’ll never far by clicking to the right (advanced) function to find. And you can classify different screens to your preferences, so you always in snap with your favorite software and functions can.

The N86 is equipped with the latest version of Symbian, which raises number of other benefits with it. So you as user available on Nokia’s new web browser, which includes excellent knows how to deal with Java. Since the N86 supports different Internet connections – including 3G and WiFi – almost anywhere you can benefit from this improvement.

The Store Ovi, Nokia’s multimedia and online software store, where you can download trial versions of such free N-Gage games, which thanks to the dedicated keys on either side of the screen easy to operate, is available. Paid software is still only buyable using credit card.

For e-mail freaks was nice that the Finnish manufacturer has also equipped this phone with its messaging service. This in most cases you need only your e-mail address and password to your account to install. Similar to the E75 and N97 it works very well. Yet we do not believe you have this phone to e-mail capabilities in house to catch: because there is no physical qwerty keyboard, so typing of lengthy emails is not fun.

What should you N86 or tapping on the head? In one word: multimedia. As mentioned, the phone does just fine with photography, video, internet and games. But even in case the media spelertje is an impressive device. The N86 is boulder in the play and organize your music collection, and in case desired neatly combines the right album cover art to your songs.

It make you an instant playlists, and music runs seamlessly in the background note. The included headset – which comes with three different earplugs – has an excellent sound quality. Also there is small controller on the cable, which enables you to switch between tracks and adjust the volume without having to get the device out of your pocket.

The N86 is equipped with an on-board FM transmitter. Allows you to wirelessly play music on the (car) radio. Would you rather listen to the radio on the phone itself, you can.

This show is simply good movies out on the AMOLED screen. The resolution of 320 by 240 pixels leaves little to be desired, though the screen size of 2.6 inch of course not comparable to than most full-touch smart phones. Moreover, the N86 has 7GB of free storage with enough capacity. Should it still not enough, you can always have an SDHC card (up to 16GB) in stabbing.

The list of supported audio formats is pretty impressive for phone. So the N86 can not only handle mp3, but also with such aac and wma. Also on video field, Nokia’s newest multimedia miracle does not disappoint. Besides the usual 3gp, the N86 also offers support for divx, xvid and mp4 video formats.

Another reason for choosing the N86 is its quality as old-fashioned telephone. The call quality is as we used from the Finnish manufacturer: sublime. The contact management is simple and fast. And the number keys are large enough to fit comfortably to serve.
No shame

The battery is now not against. Use the N86 8MP as pure phone, you can easily move forward good number of days. But do you also use many other possibilities – watch movies, internet via wifi and 3G, play games – you can be sure that the device over the two days on the charger needs. All that is still not shame, in case you compare it with number of popular smartphones.

The phone excels in multimedia field, but does certainly not disappoint when it comes to internet, e-mail and other business applications. It is also one of the best camera phones of the moment. However, make sure you have cloth handy, because all those fingerprints out the otherwise good visibility of the screen down. The N86 8MP is good phone.

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  1. I’ve had this phone for a couple of months and have to say, I love it. The camera is so much better than my iPhone 4 camera which is to be expected since it’s nearly double the megapixels!

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