Nokia N85 Review

Nokia N85 slide closed

Nokia presented the Nokia N85 mobile phone, the new multimedia phone from Nokia N Series, which redefines the standard for mobile entertainment, games and exchange of multimedia files. With its large 2.6-inch OLED screen and elegant finish marks the Nokia N85 mobile phone is new milestone in mobile experiences. It offers Nokia N-Gage mobile games, music through built-in FM transmitter, five-megapixel digital camera with Carl Zeiss lens and geotagging features, plus license from three months for voice-driven navigation and high-speed data transfer, all in telephone handset.

Nokia N85 features

With his impressive amount of multimedia features tilt the Nokia N85 mobile convergence to new heights. Games, photos, music and navigation are supported by the latest flexible exchange functions, such as Share on OVI and sites of other suppliers, using 3.5G HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity for quick and effortless communication. The Nokia N85 is equipped with at least ten N-Gage game trials, for flashy play on the stunning OLED display. A license for full activation of game is supplied. Special game tales keys beautiful when in the horizontal game mode and make the game experience even more intense.

Nokia N85 photo camera

The advanced 5 megapixel digital camera with Carl Zeiss lens and the powerful dual LED flash ensures crisp, sharp pictures and make video recordings of DVD-quality 30 frames per second. In combination with A-GPS it is possible favorite images of geotag (location indication) for using the Nokia Maps application or online sites such as Flickr or Share on OVI. “The Nokia N85 mobile phone is complete and fully integrated mobile entertainment solution with powerful functionality for communication, exchange and navigation,” says Juha-Pekka Sipponen, Director Nokia Nseries. “The now famous double-slider model of the Nokia Nseries with the Nokia N85 phone slimmer and more compact yet completed, and houses the latest features and services for groundbreaking mobile experiences.”

Music downloading via mobile phone

Each Nokia N85 is equipped with 8GB microSD memory card, good for about 30 hours of high-quality music. Users can build personal music collection with your choice of the more than 2.5 million songs and playlists from the Nokia Music Store or other online music sites. And with simple USB cable quickly and easily synchronize your mobile music collections with your PC. Users can also RDS radio and large number of channels listen via the Internet. A 3.5-mm audio jack provides connection to high quality headset, while the built-in FM transmitter allows the Nokia N85 mobile phone wirelessly through the car radio or listen to powerful home installation.

Nokia N85 price

The Nokia N85 multimedia phone has already an extensive range of features. With the pre-installed Nokia Download! software, you can further personalize your device with your favorite content. Users have access to high quality selection of entertainment programs topstudio, the latest mobile games and dynamic applications, which they can customize their phones to their personal preferences. The Nokia N85 phone is through the regular sales channels and the Nokia Online Shop available from October 2008. Retail sales of the device is about 450 euros, ex VAT.

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  1. After a long search without success, I here and hope that any of these questions you can answer!

    1. I have a few days an eye on the Nokia N85. Unfortunately I can not find this phone is also compatible with navigation software from third parties. I would like to use this phone with Route66 software instead of the standard installed Nokia maps. This should still be possible? On the Route66 site the N85 between the supported devices, but I can not imagine me almost since its predecessors, the N81/N82 there are between.

    2. I am also told that the internal GPS receiver new nokia `s (like the N85) automatically blocks when used by third-party software instead of Nokia Maps. I naturally hope that this story is not correct, but I have no idea what it is ..

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