On the advice of family and friends, it was my first Nokia I purchased.

Nice looking but slightly too large unit, which also is quite heavy. The slide is less robust than my previous phone (Samsung D500).

The device has great potential, this has meant that the menu is not always clear. You lost sometimes in these menus.

The WiFi works perfectly!

I give the soundness six because the unit consists entirely of plastic while using what even good cracks. It also “leaks” there is light from the edges of the unit. I’m curious how long the phone time. It also scratched the back properly.

The megapixel camera is pretty good despite two. It has (of course) is also lot of options.

The sound of bubbles as well with the stereo music sound excellent!

In short, device which is reasonable, but no more than that. Probably my next unit is yet another Samsung!

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