Nokia N8 Review

Nokia, the leading of mobile phone manufacturer that has lost lot of its market share in the recent years, wants to return to the top of the world in the field and. After the presentation few weeks ago on the Nokia World 201,0 the Finnish giant intends to meet the onslaught of the iPhone.

The Nokia N8 has been officialy released. It is model that we believe will make havoc of sales and now we will explain why in the following Nokia N8 review:

The price and release date

The technical features of Nokia N8, as announced, are very powerful:  the 12-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and Xenon flash puts it directly on top as the most powerful camera phone ever, and only this specific enough by itself to explain the power of the phone, but we do not stop here, because we also have the pleasure to announce that N8 is the first device to have the Symbian OS ^ 3, that would bring several new features like: pinch zooming, scrolling and multi-touch and it also supports multitasking. It ‘available in gray, black, pea green, dark blue and orange color.

Nokia N8 Camera

Going back to the camera can also record video in high definition (HD), which can be edited and modified thanks to special applications in your phone. It ‘s multimedia phone and confirms that it is possible to use WebTV services (watch many TV channels worldwide in streaming) and see the same videos in HD audio system with Dolby Digital Plus.

Social Networking

But why do take such beautiful pictures and videos in case you can not share them? Nokia N8 developers must have thought of this as associate this mobile social networking (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. ..) is simple: you can upload photos directly, calendar sync to the phone online, direct links in the homescreen and many other things you will surely love the convenience of online life.

The pictures are likely to take lot of memory space and that is why the Finnish company Nokia has decided to equip N8 with 16 GB of internal memory, which is expandable (up to 48 GB) thanks to the MicroSD support. Maps is free and there are maps of 70 countries available. It ‘also USB port to export the data and an HDMI to connect it to TV. The battaria is long term, it supports music playback for up to 50 hours.

Nokia, the leader of mobile phones, wants to return to the top of the world in the field and, after an incident few weeks of the Nokia World 2010, an occasion during which he presented his new terminals C6, C7, E8 and N8, gave away yesterday at his sale in Italy of one of the top models of her new creations, the Nokia N8, with news that the Finnish giant intends to meet the onslaught of the iPhone.

“With the Nokia N8 and the new Symbian software, we are taking on the most popular smartphone platform in the world and familiar user experience faster and more intuitive,” said Jo Harlow, Senior Vice President, Smartphones, Nokia, which also stressed as the N8 has received the highest number of pre-orders from consumers in the history of Nokia.

Based on the new Symbian OS, the Nokia N8 focuses on speed and ease of use and multitasking. Incorporates 12 megapixel camera that takes pictures of high quality and allows you to record movies in HD quality, users of this phone will also have the ability to edit pictures and videos from your screen and choose from multiple ways to share, transfer large files to an external hard drive with USB-on-the-go, or upload photos to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Renren directly from the main screen.

The Nokia N8 is also equipped with an AMOLED display 3.5 ‘glass has the Ovi free feature maps, which offers free surfing walk & drive in over 70 countries, shows the routes of public transport in 85 cities around the world, the real-time traffic, safety camera warnings, the availability of parking and petrol stations and information on speed limits.


It really looks like five-star ultra-luxury mobile phone, we strongly recommend that you buy for, especially in case you love photography, you will not find anything better and the price also related to the quality of the product is very low.

Nokia N8 price will be around 450 Euros, which is about 620 USD dollars including taxes and should be on sale from the third quarter of 2010 on some markets at least.

Pros: camera, display, battery lifetime

Cons: New Symbion OS takes time to get used to

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  1. great phone. love the pull our keyboard and touch screen. very practical. easy to use, the processor is faster, the web browsing is easy to get around and great for keeping up on espn and the news. much better than my old unlocked cell phones. games and facebook are great for my kids on long trips and the wife loves the camera for catching all the great scenery. our family loves their new unlocked touch screen phones. also got our unlock codes and htc unlocking for free! got our last couple n8’s at 2 thumbs way up

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