Nokia E52 Review

A new smartphone from Finnish cell phone company called Nokia E52 – very thin, aims to gather wide support among customers.

nokia e52 review

Nokia E52 Review

Who said that smartphones are just rectangular gems along the lines of the iPhone,beautiful and packed with unuseful functions and super expensive?

To refute the common place and to give new life to branch of an industry that must be said, in and of itself is very healthy, tried Nokia, officially put into production of the new E52, the most recent of the note and series.

Very interesting package, which makes energy its trump card: super compact size (subtlety is the record) to the functions designed specifically for business users and users of midrange, every detail points to the concreteness and practicality. A device therefore more useful than good, trying to take the opposite path embarked upon by Apple with its iPhone. Chance or winning move? We’ll find out over time, meanwhile here are the specifics of this gem.

The E52 is monoblock ipersottile which measures 116 × 49×9.9mm and weighs only 98 grams. Faced with such data is major hardware / software package of great importance, which certainly does not regret products far more noble. Case in point is the lithium battery BP-4L 1500 mAh which, despite its lightness, is capable of ensuring good 8 hours of talk time and 672 hours stand by even (almost 28 days!).

But let’s get to the technical sector, the real heart of the apparatus and technological point that perhaps more interest to us: the display is 2.4 inch 16 million colors and QVGA resolution of 240 × 320 pixels, and, with its rectangular shape, topped the numeric keypad placed under fixed it. But this is just nice premise, because the qualities are all out in the remaining list of specifications. The E52 is Symbian OS 9.3 Series 60 Edition 3.2.3 with 256MB of NAND flash memory, 60MB of internal memory (expandable with microSD cards up to 16GB), connectivity, quadband GSM / GPRS / EDGE and HSDPA (up to 10.2 Mbps ) / HSUPA (up to 2 Mbps). Among its features are not lacking Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR and A2DP, the Form A-GPS, Wi-Fi, an excellent 3.2-megapixel back camera with LED flash and 4x digital zoom, video recording function (VGA up to 15 fps), FM radio with RDS, 3.5mm headphone jack and many applications such as Call Connect (particularly useful for companies), Nokia Messaging (for email), Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler.

This, in brief words of Elvira Carzaniga, marketing manager at Nokia Italy: “The Nokia E52 is designed for those looking for efficiency in both the private and professional, that is for those phone calls to high talk time, excellent audio quality and slim design.

In conclusion: little gem that makes the practice his best shot at proposing design deliberately sparse and essential for concrete that will surely be the envy of many rivals (more prestigious). Nokia E52 will come in markets around the world (including Italy) in colors Metal Gray Aluminum and Golden Alluminian by the end of the year at cost of about 300 euros. So in the USA the price of Nokia E52 is going to be around $430 dollars.

In short, high-end device, which should make all those throat outward prepend inner qualities. It will be success or, in the end, what matters is dimosterà always be like the design and style of the product? The market will give us the answer.

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  1. Recently my beloved Nokia 6267 got stolen hier in Zürich (seems to be a rash of that of late). I had really gotten used to that unit’s ease of use, and anyone who’s been through this knows you’re suddenly confronted with all these decisions: do I move ‘up’? ‘Down’ (to something simpler..), to an iPhone, or one of its clones?
    Well in order to try to approach the 6267’s great combination of biggish screen and large keys (i.e. not designed for a 12 year old girl’s fingers), I got an E52.
    I’m astonished.
    This phone is the worst piece of over-engineered, user-hostile piece of junk I ever saw from Nokia. Compared to the 6267 (or the 6131, 6310i. or venerable 6150…!), it’s hard to believe it’s a Nokia. First off, the most obvious and clear advantages of a folding phone:
    1. you can get a big screen and a big keyboard into a compact package
    2. both screen and keyboard are protected, by default (see below re: ‘unlocking’)
    3. when open, earpiece and microphone are comfortably near ear & mouth, respectively..
    I should say at the outset that I worked in mobile engineering (GSM & 3G) for 7 years, in engineering, but also that I see a mobile telephone basically as a tool for making calls and texting, it’s the mobility that attracts me, not the bells and whistles.
    Most of my gripes with the E52 have to do with texting (SMS).
    A BASIC, OBVIOUS FUNCTION: you can’t ‘use detail’ on an incoming SMS, i.e. someone texts you a telephone number, you have to WRITE IT DOWN, you can’t just ‘use number’ and call it, store it, etc. THIS IS ASTONISHINGLY STUPID. When you receive and sms, the stupid phone asks how you want to reply, instead of just defaulting to sms (the obvious and logical choice). WHY WOULD I WANT TO RESPOND BY EMAIL TO AN SMS? Maybe there’s a reason, I don’t know it, but the default should be…sms. DUMB. You can’t delete all sms in the Inbox, you have to step through menus to mark them and then delete them. DUMB – the 6267 was super easy in that regard. While typing, you want to insert an emoticon (smiley face): THE E52 DOESN’T HAVE THEM. ‘Business phone’? well, I send lots of ‘business’ sms, sometimes a smiley face is useful to tailor a message or adjust the tone. Not to mention private use. Not having them is a needless step backwards. DUMB. Which leads to the next issue: symbols. If I want a smiley face now,
    I have to type it 🙂 trouble is, the symbol list – sort of a ‘symbol cache’ – on the E52 is DYNAMIC. So (for a simple example) if I use a divisor sign, equals, ampersand, +, *, @ and a few other symbols, the 🙂 are pushed off the ‘cache list’ and I have to – you guessed it – tap more keys to get find them & get them back. DUMB – the symbol function was great on the 6267… You trigger the camera, and there are all these %&+§$ KEYSTROKES to DO THE OBVIOUS: TAKE AND SEND THE PIC
    TO SOMEONE. The reason to have a camera in a mobile phone is to make it EASY to send someone a photo of something RIGHT NOW…I don’t want a Windows experience when I try to do that. Or better: a DOS experience (for those old enough to remember..) I could taylor the 6267 ‘top left button’ to list all kinds of functions I use every day (in box, missed calls, alarm, etc) In the highly Advanced Sophisticated E52, I have to step thru stupid complex menus to find this stuff, and there’s no means to set up a pre-set list similar to the 6267. And along with all this, it seems like all I do is unlock the g#dd#m keypad – the stupid thing shuts
    off in SECONDS. This was something else that was great with the 6267 – you flip it open and OPEN that sms! Invariably the stupid E52 has reverted to the menu list and to answer an incoming sms, you have to 1) press the upper left-hand key, 2) press the upper right-hand key (to get the keyboard unlocked…), 3) press the sms icon (if you’re lucky enough that the phone has reverted to that, else you have to tap around to it) 4) tap down to the Inbox icon… In this time I would have already been answering the sms, or had already sent it, with the 6267! The list goes on and on, but I want to cap it off with one of the most irritating of all: the beloved old
    standard Nokia ring tone has been replaced by a sappy ‘mood music’ version, a fitting theme indeed. Meanwhile, try to find a used 6267. Talking to people in phone stores confirmed my suspicions: the 6267 was well-liked and sold out immediately after production ceased.

  2. I totally agree with you Glen.
    The E52 is a step-back in almost every aspect.

    You mentioned the most annoying things allready.
    But the software could be corrected if Nokia should choose to pay respect to their customers.

    It’s much worse with the hardware.

    The soft-menu buttons are ridiculous small + countersunk and then crammed together with the protruding and much bigger quick-launch buttons.

    The edges of the navigation button are too small and needs a lot of pressure to activate.

    Inevitably I hit the quick-launch buttons all the time thus spending a lot of time closing down unwanted tasks. 🙁

    About the emoticons:

    In 2 lucky occations I managed to get a “insert smiley” dialog from the menu and a graphical list!!! of animated emoticons. :O
    I actually don’t know how I invoked it. Maybe it’s a bug or a so-called “undocumentet feature”?

    My phone is the E52-1 and I haven’t installed 3’rd part software.

    I went for the E-series to get high usability and sturdiness but my wifes half-prices 6303 Classic is actually a much better phone.
    Even my 6 year old Nokia 6230 was much better and more produtive.

    My conclusion: Nokia is too busy presenting 3 new models a month instead of aiming towards consistent improvements!

    Lets hope Nokia offers a junk-engineering trade-in program in the future. 😉

  3. I too have just purchased the E52 and am not happy with it! what happened to simple and easy?
    I text a message, make a mistake? where do I find the clear button? smiley Symbols??? I will be diverting customers from this phone! I agree with all of the above!! I would not have purchased this model if my phone had not been stolen, a costly mistake.

  4. I will partly agree to u guys. Glen u have shifted from a simple phone e52 is a smart phone so it has to be a bit complex but this complexity doesnt last longer . you are going through a stage of transition every one goes through it , it is transient. Well there are flaws with keys and software and after using a number of nokia phones i have come to a conclusion. Nokia is never going to produce a flawless phone they will give some goodies with some serious drawbacks so u keep on changing the phone in search of the perfect match that you would nt get atleast from nokia.
    They want the production and sale of there phones very high and they are good in it. Sony ericsson’s flagship phones are generally very good in quality.

  5. The E52 is a piece of junk.

    I have owned Nokias since 1995 upgrading about once a year (probably 15 phones over the years).


    E52 Email accounts are v difficult to set up – requiring extensive googling to force a workaround compared to E51.


    The E51 mail client allowed me to download Emails directly from my POP server, and also choose how much of the email to download by truncating large mails – great if you are in limited bandwidth / connectivity areas (I frequently spend time in the bush with little or no data coverage, and like to be able to download batches of Emails when I briefly get into coverage areas, and then respond to emails off-line or out of data coverage areas. I have been using the Think Outside bluetooth keyboard synced to the E51 and previously the N series to compose sometimes lengthy Email responses for work).

    With the E52, Nokia appears to be trying to copy the Blackberry email server service – but failing miserably. WITH E52 I AM NOT ABLE TO REPLY TO AN EMAIL BEFORE THE PHONE HAS DOWNLOADED THE WHOLE MESSAGE. IE I AM NOT ABLE TO REPLY TO A LARGE EMAIL UNLESS I AM IN A DATA COVERAGE AREA. With v limited data speeds and several hundred emails a day several of which are over 1 meg, this situation renders the E52 completely unusable for Emails (whereas the E51 handled this situation perfectly – I could respond to all Emails offline, place reply emails in the outbox and the E51 would send all unsent mails as soon as I got back into coverage.


    E52 web browser zoom function and bookmarking is a giant leap backwards compared to E51.

    I couldnt get calendar exchange to work on E52 and gave up after about 10 hours of trying (whereas on my Blackberry 9700 and Iphone, these worked immediately , seamlessly.

    Nokia Maps require a data connection to work (which completely defeats the objective of having the maps downloaded onto yr phone)
    Nokia Maps are imcomplete compared to google maps.
    Google maps is a far better mapping solution on yr Nokia.

    compared to Apple apps, or Blackberry apps.

    After 15 years of loyalty, Nokia has broken my trust in their brand, and I have moved to Blackberry Bold 9700 (4 months into my E52 contract – at a huge financial penalty), and I am delighted with the Blackberry in all regards. I also use the Iphone for aviation and other apps and as a reader (kindle) and have also been v happy with the Iphone, but prefer the Blackberry as my primary business phone. Blackberry Apps are not as good as Iphone, but Blackberry does the basics (Phone, Emails, contacts, calendar exchange, battery life) extremely well, and will do everything my E51 did (above) – only much easier and better.

    My only gripe with the blackberry is that I cant connect my Bluetooth keyboard – but the advantages outweigh this problem.

  6. Pros:
    search for the contact by first or last name, or company name. It would be much more convenient if “job position” gets included into search.

    Can not see the details of received or placed calls (you have to dial the number to see it)

    Extremely NON-user friendly menu and browsing through it.

    SMS manager is something that you don’t wanna use. There is no quick access to contacts for sending.

    EXTREEEEEEEEMLY ridiculous options for on-screen shortcuts, and other shortcuts. A five year old kid could make it better. This phone is a tribute to Nonsense. But who cares!?!

    Sofrware is slow and likes to freeze.

    General conclusion:
    Do not buy it!

  7. I have just bought one and it freezes all the time. I took it back to the Nokia service but it seems they do not know how to fix it (they replaced the battery). I’d recommend NOT to buy this phone as I noticed such situation is quite often for this model (check various forums).

  8. Function buttons (call, hang up, home, calendar..) are annoyingly small, and therefore difficult to press.
    Jog dial (can’t find better term) is piece of junk, one has to use fingernails.
    Home and backspace sometimes don’t word, and need to be pressed repeatedly.


    GPS works great, but I only tried it with A-GPS turned on.

    Had this phone for 4 days, not sure if I want to keep it.

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