Nokia C3 Review

Nokia C3 is the next device in its C-series. The C-series consists of phones that are mainly known for their good at communication capabilities. The Nokia C3 is no exception and is therefore equipped with QWERTY keypad for text messaging and Nokia in particular to facilitate mailing. Other devices in the C line include the Nokia Touch and C3-01 type, equipped with touchscreen, the Nokia C6, high-end smartphone, the Nokia C5 – mid-range candybar phone with touchscreen.

The Nokia C3 is true specialist in the social field. Through the home screen you see immediately in case you have any new messages, and you can jump to the site to read them. Also e-mail and other sites to visit all possible with this device. It seems good move by Nokia to numerous social networking features to implement in an affordable unit.

Short video review of Nokia C3

The low price also has its disadvantages, 2 MP camera and somewhat slow Internet are examples of this. Fortunately, its properties as 3.5 mm headset jack and WiFi is present. The OS is Series S60 and the display is 2.4 inches.

Nokia C3 unboxing video

Regarding the technical details of Nokia C3 adds the presence of the WLAN IEEE 802.11b / g module with maximum speed of up to 11 Mbps Mbps/54, the extraordinary 1320 mAh battery with autonomy from 7 to 800 hours … it’s all true, it is immortal this phone! This FM Radio, Bluetooth version 2.1 and some games like Bounce, Sudoku, Block’de Diamond Rush. Excellent reminder to remember to unplug the charger after charging.


The C3 is Nokia mobile phone is best suited for young people, because of its simple messaging and numerous tools for accessing social networks and other services.
The built-in keyboard, in this view, is the ideal tool to keep in touch with friends.
From the technical point of view it is model simple, inexpensive and easy to use with well thought out interface.


  • Good battery life
  • solid design
  • relatively inexpensive


  • Symbian OS is not comfortable to use
  • low memory space
  • no 3G

Nokia C3 technical specifications
Operating System Symbian S60
Screen Size (inches) 2.4
Screen resolution 320 x 240
Internal memory (MB) 55
MicroSDHC expandable memory
Networks (GSM) quad band
Networking (WiFi) 802.11 b / g
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
Camera resolution (megapixels) 2
Videoconferencing Camera (megapixels) 0
Touch-sensitive display no
Qwerty keyboard yes
No GPS receiver
Battery voice (hours) 7
Standby Battery Life (days) 33
Dimensions 116 x 58 x 14 mm
Weight (grams) 114

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  2. Hey frns,really the phones voice recorder doesnot work properly.anythng u record vl nt b heard wth clarity.its vry problamatic

  3. Well if it is for the young people this cellphone model will do… I believe what is important to teens is that they have something to communicate with their friends and family I think that is it.It is even easy to manipulate compared to other units.

  4. I using C3 on last 5 months …it is very good mobile ….. long battery life …. Camera quality is good ….. Wifi is very good

    Jain Scaria

  5. i have a c3. don’t see the big deal. if any of you has more budget, don’t go for this one. yeah its cheap thats a plus point(good for collage students) and good battery life too. But its not the type of phone that you would want to keep with for long.

  6. to:- jane… no ! its not for young people. its boring actually. the wifi speed is not good and for some reason it disconnects every 2 minutes from networks and other bluetooth devices (not sure if this is in my one or a defect in this model). plus the(press three instead of one keys) on the qwerty keyboard are a usual nightmare especially if your fingers are not pencil type.
    further more the operating system is not comfortable to use. the phone has overall poor performance, you cant run any good games on it either. i am not an apple fan but still a used iphone 2g would be a much better choice than a c3.

  7. i just don’t get it why some are saying it’s a gd phone and some are saying it isn’t :/ i am thinking about buying this phone , should i buy it or not?

  8. iam useing nokia c3-00 1month but problem with 2weeks between .video sound not clear ,video recorder not sound play,avi format not supported .
    c3 mobile waste .bad quality
    be careful people
    nokia not connecting people

  9. This phone did in fact hanged on me 3 to 4 times after I bought it. Gave up usin it after that. Buuut I went back to use it a few more days later cos I still find it not as complicating to use as the E71. I updated my C3 using the ‘Nokia Software Updater’ I downloaded from the net. I don’t know if it really stopped the Hanging but I haven’t encountered a Hang since then. But when I browse through my pics, The sudden freeze sometimes really scares me cos I thought it hanged. This Phone does have it’s ‘Tons of cons’ as compared to the E71 but I seriously thing this is an acceptable piece of Device. Especialy since I’m a student. So with teachers confiscating it, I won’t feel Much of a pain compared to someone who has an E71 taken away. But no 3G means I get bored easily too. The Hotpink one is quite a looker but I got the blue one instead. Haha. But I put on a red casing so the very blue part at the back did not really bother me since it already covered it. Best not to drop this phone too cos I know the Material’s cheap. I got it as it was cheap and was quite a looker. Plus it is a Qwerty keypad phone which Sums up to… I Cheap good looking qwerty phone. But without the ‘Very Fast’ word.

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