Nokia Bots Review

Engineers Division Nokia Beta Labs are working on some new set of applications for Nokia phones called Nokia Bots that can understand the habits of users to automate certain commands.

Currently, the team of Nokia is focusing on four main features: the lighting, the shortcuts of the software, battery and user profile. Assuming that person turning on the mobile programs in the morning at the same time configuring the device in silent mode, the Nokia automatically proposes the settings that should be relevant to your habits.

The 4 bots are:

  • Profile Bot
  • Alarm Bot
  • Shortcut Bot
  • Battery Bot

Again for the users to make life easier, the smartphone will be able to automatically switch to silent at meeting every day and that the application Shortcut Bot can identify the programs most commonly used form of shortcuts : The menu is therefore dynamic and continues to follow the course of your habits.

Noka bots are currently compatible with only Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 Mini.

Has anyone used these apps? Are they useful?

7 thoughts on “Nokia Bots Review”

  1. An intuitive mobile that suits your exact requirments, excellent. There are realtively few devices that are used solely by one person. Think about TVs and computers they often have multiple users. Making your mobile more unique to your personal needs I am all for it.

  2. what i can say about this that it is true even i am using Nokia 5130 in this there is a msg application which can automatically takes the most frequent sms phone no.

  3. It is good to understand customer requirement provides them a new and excellent features products.

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