Nokia 6650 Review

Nokia 6650 Review
One of its cornerstones is the ability to see that you’re talking to, known as video telephony. Nokia does not mean that video telephony is the key to 3G. Instead, Nokia believes that we consumers want the ability to send and download movie clips, download games, check the website and simply be connected with faster speeds than the current GPRS gives us.
The alternative is big phones with poor battery life. Consequently Nokia 6650 is not equipped with video telephony.
This should make the Nokia 6650 for small and sleek phone, but no. The phone is larger than previous models from Nokia, and also has an unwelcome antenna, which is in the way. The phone’s video camera, however, is really good, to say nothing of video sound that is positive surprise.
The phone is preset to take 20 second clip, then these ports within the 100 kb to the operators agreed to multimedia max may contain. But it is easy to set up the phone for longer videos, with the phone’s memory is really the only limit on how much you can shoot. With seven megabytes of memory, you place with many minutes of film.

Another smart solution is the lens cover feature on the back of the phone, which also serves as shortcut to the camera function. Pull down the lens cover, and boom camera is running.
Anyone who ever owned Nokia model of the latter will recognize themselves in the phone’s menu system. In the all you can expect of Nokia. The phone has T9, MMS, WAP browser, contacts, calendar and to-do list. Everything goes to sync with your computer via infrared and Bluetooth, with the supplied Nokia PC Suite.
The screen has 4 096 colors, which are not impressive today. It has already sold more phones with screens with bit over 60 000 colors, which gives far more impressive representation than what Nokia 6650 is capable of. Furthermore, I would like real browser in your phone. It is, after all, 3G phone with good connection speed. Today, we must stick to the benefit of wap-diton, which feels little rumphugget.
Overall, the Nokia 6650 is not the great strides we hoped for. The phone is much larger than several of the models released the company from itself in recent years, and the screen feels old. On the other hand, camcorder PLUM, and because the phone is also equipped with GPRS, it is still easy to quickly pull up on, shoot and send the results further.
When the big operators then get on with their networks, there will also be smaller and newer phones on the market, making the Nokia 6650 for fun, but yearling attempt. Not much more. Are you therefore feel like sensible 3G phone, you should probably wait little longer.

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