My review on Nokia’s 6500 Classic phone.

The appearance of Nokia 6500 classic phone is all it is about. The phone has very chic look. But what it lack of isuser-friendliness. When you get SMS long sore thumb. SMS is difficult to type with one hand, because the phone is so flat. The average battery will last long. In my use about 3 days (I SMS-d much and I am moderate caller). After i dropped it onto the pavement , the phone is still working well, that’s plus.

But what I do find annoying is the sound of the microphone in the phone. It is not as clear as this in my previous Nokia’s was. The microphone itself is not so good, often in conversations I get to hear that I should talk louder. While hard and I just talk, I had no problems with .. No further problems for 1 year and fine call it what you best can be seen. (but do not expect spectacular things …)