Nokia 6300 review and experience by an 6300 owner.

Nokia 6300 information

Tight and flat, that is the best description for the Nokia 6300. With thickness of just under 12 millimeters, this is one of the flattest Nokia’s of the moment. And thanks to its stainless steel covers, the 6300 is very tight and it may even abuse. And in case you do not just by time, then you’re in 6300 also at the right place. By the 2 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom makes you the best moments of picture or movie. And thanks to the integrated multimedia player, you have your favorite movies and music always within reach.


Thin. Who would have ever thought of Nokia? In recent years, was “thin” was not on the menu of the Finnish manufacturer, but thanks to Eastern influences the card is changed. The latest court is the Nokia 6300, device that at first glance not appealing character, but after several weeks of use still more to taste.

Equipment Nokia 6300.

The 6300 is stylish model that is good counterpart for what turned out sharply in 6233. That unit did not have the attraction of his older brother, the successful 6230i. The 6300 seems to stick it to take over. The equipment is rather limited. Thus the 2.0-megapixel camera offers no flash or decent video recording. However, the 6300 offers the simple menu that we are accustomed to previous devices. It is now sleek and bright screen that really everything that the user needs. It is device that is appropriate for the goals to which most people buy phone. Exactly … call, SMS and single photo! And it shines the unit is off. The camera quality is fairly good example, the belkwaliteit is unsurpassed and SMS on the keyboard goes without much difficulty. The only smetje is the fact that the shortcuts around the central button rather small and you quickly touched the wrong button. That can be tedious to extract. By choosing clear the display disappears the whole message. The terms retain, classical design with metal influences certainly not bad. The buttons on the side are easy to operate. On the user side, the two lights that light up when call was missed or received message is received. The default interface offers plenty of opportunities for themselves to their own preferences. A music player and FM radio are available. The same goes for simple Internet browser and to-do agenda.

Ease of Use Nokia 6300

The unit is aimed at consumers who just few simple goals with his equipment. That sets up the device takes the largest portion of the market. Call, SMS and the occasional picture or listen to the radio. In this unit, which features more than well equipped. Nokia used the interface that sits on number of very strong together. There is also the possibility to easily customize themes, backgrounds or the complete menus. By the thin nature of the appliance you plug it in the same way or jacket pocket. Sometimes you do not agree that by the unit is in the bag. The vibration function lets you to an incoming call that you have clear marks of Nokia’s thinnest mobile devices in their pocket hebt.Een underestimated tip of the device is the ease with which connections are made with other products. Car kits, Bluetooth headsets, navigation products or wired connection via the mini-USB port with PC with playful ease. The device can connect with any crossing, except infrared.

Nokia 6300 Price vs quality balance

With price of around 230 euro, the unit takes up against models like the Sony Ericsson K550i and the Samsung D840. Both models are similar, but offer at certain points just bit more. The K550i has very good camera and the D840 offers the latest in time. Lines that the 6300 does not provide, but which also has not been deployed. The prize-money of the unit leans heavily on the name Nokia and the complete package of opportunities. A fine middle engine with good range of possibilities. For good strong need camera or licked before you are not in 6300.

Final rating Nokia 6300

Nokia has strong product on the market put that many consumers will satisfy. The appearance is thin – after 6233 which was still little too heavily – welcome addition to the portfolio of the Finnish manufacturer. It will appeal to many. Extremely strong points, the device at first glance not. Especially good connectivity are striking, though the absence of an infrared port smetje. The camera is nice and mp3 player reasonable compared with other models in the market. But for these features is the unit will initially intended. The customer looking for Nokia that is robust and thin, and especially the main features sublime run and that makes the 6300 true, now classic champion. Call, SMS and occasionally step toward multimedia … there is provided for this unit. Are you looking for even just that extra step towards appearance or characteristics, there are other choices available.

The specifications of Nokia 6300

# Simlock: No

# Network: Triband: 900 / 1800 / 1900

# Dimensions: 106 x 44 x 12 mm

# Weight: 91 grams

# Screen: TFT screen, 16,000,000 colors, 240 x 320 pixels

# Standytijd: 14,5 day

# Call time: 3.5 hours

# Memory: Internal: 7.8 MB, External: MicroSD memory card

# Connections: Bluetooth, EDGE, GPRS, HSCSD, Infrared, Push-to-talk, TCP / IP Support

Email # types: POP3, IMAP4

# Audio: FM Stereo Radio, Visual Radio

# External design: 2.0 megapixel camera

# Warranty: 24 months warranty

The Nokia 6300 is available to order in the following colors:

Silver Black, Red

What’s in the box of the Nokia 6300?

# Nokia 6300

Battery #

# Stereo Headset

# Capture

# 128 MB MicroSD Memory Card

Nokia Software Suite #

# Guide

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