Nokia 6110 Navigator Review

Smart Phones with integrated GPS receiver are still fairly rare, but this is changing fast. After including the Nokia N95 and Nokia E90 also has the 6110 Navigator of such GPS receiver equipped. That is, in case the manufacturer promises, complete phone and complete navigation system. The fact that Nokia is taking gps  seriously was demonstrated by the fact that it recently took over map supplier NAVTEQ.

The 6110 is smartphone with Symbian S60 3rd Edition. The unit has relatively normal size for slider phone with about 2 inches to as anything but thin. The appearance is not really, but the specifications are much good. Thus, in addition to GPS receiver including an MP3 player, FM radio, 2 megapixel camera with flash, bluetooth, UMTS and HSDPA. Further supports the handsfree calling and video calling.

Nokia 6110 Navigation
Many people will use 6110for navigation. Software of Route 66 is already standard on whether the name was the Nokia Navigator. The device even has special key with which this navigation software is started. It is pity that no car holder is included in the package. Fortunately, there are plenty of accessories to the 6110 ‘at the window to paste. ” The package includes an AC charger, stereo headset with answer button and USB cable with software to synchronize with computer.

The screen is clear and of excellent quality, but rather small for navigation. The route is clearly marked. Additionally, you can also on the excellent voice commands confidence, which in sufficient volume coming from the speaker. Controlling the navigation functions is something more burdensome than in normal navigation system, but shortcuts help the experienced user, for example by switching from 2D to 3D or adjust the volume.

The positioning goes smoothly thanks to assisted-GPS. The GPS receiver itself is not very sensitive, but is aided by small file with arithmetic information that is automatically downloaded via mobile. This allows the position soon after inciting be determined. Note that this only speeds up the startup time, but is not required to navigate. Can navigate even without SIM card, because maps (Benelux) is on the supplied memory card.

Nokia 6110 Navigator Device
On the device itself is also very little to be desired. The 6110 responds to all acts remarkably smoothly. The belkwaliteit is as familiar to Nokia. A big plus is the browser, the Internet’s most effortless viewing. Thanks to UMTS and HSDPA pages are also very quickly retrieved. Even when retrieving e-mail you benefit from that extra speed. Very nice but not particularly useful is the ability to e-mail to read.

It also contains an excellent music player, which also can be made playlists. The 2 megapixel camera takes pretty good photos, though they of course have no such high resolution. Handy is the slider which the camera is hedged. After opening the slide automatically start the camera software. Below is nine images taken with this camera has been made, mostly under good conditions.
Camera Image sample of the Nokia 6110 Navigator

The 6110 is very versatile. You can use this smartphone literally and figuratively in all directions. Think next navigation to mobile e-mail, listening to music or browsing on the Internet at high speeds via UMTS or even HSDPA. Small downside is the screen size, although larger battle had been, for the excellent navigation software to its full justice.

The Nokia 6110 is both available in black and white and has suggested retail price of € 499. You can use the smartphone not only in the store buying. Nokia works together with Renault, the smartphone is also part of the Renault Twingo cars which are sold from October 29. Nokia also provides equipment to handsfree can call and few other gadgets in mind.

Nokia 6110 Navigator

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