Nokia 5320 Review

Nokia 5230 is touchscreen phone by the Finnish manufacturer on the market. Early this year, It is cheaper than Nokia 5800 and has less features. Last summer, the Nokia 5530 was launched. Now Nokia brings the 5230 is on the market. The big difference with the 5800 and 5530 lies in the price tag that hangs on the phone. The Nokia 5230 is an inexpensive touchscreen phone. The device costs less than 150 Euros and has similar price to other touchscreen phones like the Samsung Star and LG Cookie. Of the 5230 or Nokia does, however, also have higher specifications so that we would like two bucks would pay more than for the Samsung Star.

Multimedia Features

Despite the relatively low price, the Nokia 5230 has many multimedia features. The 5230 has full touchscreen. The touchscreen responds instantly to your movements. This makes it very easy to use this Nokia mobile. The user display navigates easily through the menus before. So you in no time start the application you want to use.

The Nokia 5230 also has full media player, whic allows you to play movies and audio. With your Nokia 5230 you can always experience your favorite movies and music in your pocket pants . You do not go so never get bored. The media player of this Nokia phone is almost all popular audio and video files. The 5230 comes with 70 MB internal memory. Here you can place the necessary audio files. The memory can be expanded with Micro SD card. This can extend up to 16gb. Are you tired of your music collection? You can always go to your favorite radio listening. The 5230 white is provided with FM radio.

In the field of leisure and entertainment, the Nokia 5230 XpressMusic also allows you to take the best moments and important thanks to built-in 2 megapixel CMOS sensor. This is not particularly high resolution but the camera has 3x digital zoom, adjustment of white balance, panorama mode, various shades of color and the ability to create video clips with audio with maximum resolution of 640×480 pixels.

As regards to functions related to calling, the phone comes with built-in speakerphone, conference calling, voice recording, voice commands in addition to contacts, calendar, stopwatch, countdown timer, calculator, notes and commitments . As for messaging, it supports SMS text messaging, MMS multimedia messages and emails.

The Nokia 5230 uses the Symbian S60 operating system that plays well with the phone’s hardware. Although the phone hardware is identical to Nokia 5800, works much better operating system in Nokia 5230: e will primarily experience long response times in the camera album and web browser, while the rest of the menu works fine without long response times.

It is not easy to get used to Symbian S60 may interfere. are accustomed to an Android phone. What people like it all depends on one’s own preferences and previous choices of phones.
There is not much pre-installed software in Nokia 5230, but it contains the most necessary programs like Ovi Maps, Calculator, Calendar, etc. Unfortunately, there is nothing impressive array of third party software yet, so you put up with the relatively small selection of software ,, Nokia has preinstalled.

Media player in Nokia 5230 is not spectacular but handles the basics well – and the sound quality is excellent. If you want to play music or movies on your mobile, you can not get around to buying an extra memory card.
The phone’s browser displays most Web pages correctly, but lags when it comes to usability and functionality, and long response times may occur. But the ability to change the font size, auto-complete forms and password to remember, so the browser is definitely still useful.
The phone’s GPS and related software works well – who can navigate the graphical instructions on Ovi Maps, GPS and reacts quickly and is very accurate. Stemmeguidet navigation costing several hundred dollars extra and therefore this feature is not quite as attractive.

Here is Nokia 5230 review on video by some guy:

The Nokia 5230 is quad-band mobile with EDGE/3G/HSDPA-netværk well as Bluetooth and GPS – but one thing many will miss is Wi-Fi support, which did not exist in your phone.
Finally, it should be mentioned that there is no Quickoffice software in Nokia 5230, which is considered to be standard in touch phones today.

Nokia 5230 is an attractive multimedia phone with many features, whose main features are big display and touchscreen, integrated GPS, HSDPA and discrete memory. Must be said, however,that it is missing the video and the camera is not the best.

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  1. I love this smartphone, I goy this because it was the lowest price smartphone I could find at the time. It is perfect for what I want, it is very user friendly, once you get used to the menus etc.
    I use it mainly for texting and is easy to use. I have also used it for Twitter and found it to be superb. The extras included a Navigation system,as this phone has GPS I have had to use it on occasions when my Mavman has thrown a wobbly, It works perfectly well as a Sat Nav but as the screen is smaller than a normal one I found it a little small to use all the time.
    Only one little annoyance, is that the battery life doesnt seem to be very long, and it does show a few bars of powerbut within a, but once you know that is goiong to happen, just keep it topped up.
    few minutes it is out.

    Features 8/10
    Ease of use 8/10
    Value for money 9/10
    Overall rating is 8/10

    A superb phone at an affordable price

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