My Question: UNLOCKED CELLPHONES & Which SIM Cards To Use

unlocked cellphones
MissyMcG asked:

I 'm who obtains new Razr from eBay, that 's unlocked… ago that media can buy ALL THE SIM card (paid in advance or not, etc.). by ALL carrier and it will work in your phone? AND PLEASE, explain this to me lot in terms of NON-tekkie. I don 't get this thing SIM card at all. Aren 't these SIM cards that sell in Safeway? (I 'm not the talk of phone cards interurban…) In addition, in case you change out your SIM card after it is used continuously and put on another, you lose all your PERSONAL DATA, addresses, & contacts, phone numbers, etc.? And finally (in your opinion) that SIM card (& Carrier; amount) otterreste like BETTER BUSINESS? I know that selling them on eBay tonnes, its very confusing! (CAN DARMI A WEB SITE THAT A ABOUT THE NAME OF CARDS & SIM; MOBILE?) Thanks for clearing aid this up for me… 1) Already, I bought. 2) "It" is the Dolce & dell'ORO; Gabbana RAZR (SELO EXPOSURES IN: won 't be is giving away $ 900 phone!) 3) I don 't want to get MAI never still locked in contract of two years!

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