Motorola W180 Review

Motorola’s new user-friendly and flat mobile phone called W180 has all the tools you need to be accessible.

It is user-friendly and attractive mobile phone, high quality, with the added advantage crystal clear communications and music with built in FM radio (optional headphones required in order to listen to the radio). Thanks to the use of the phone you will find everything you need (phone, data, music) easily via an intuitive user interface.

Motorola W180 Video Review

The friendly interfaces for the FM radio and SMS combined with large display and sleek keypad, to ensure an enjoyable navigation and pleasant image. You no longer need handset to shout or raise the volume to the person on the other side of the line can hear. The Crystal Talk technology from Motorola’s phone is normal and enhanced ringtones possible, even in noisy environments. With the press of button you can start drafting texts, and you can have 750 messages! Enjoy – and stay reachable!

Motorola W180 is mobile phone announced by its manufacturer in October 2007 which offers limited range of functionality. It is terminal technology Dualband (without support GPRS) that provides even 1 mega bytes of memory at your disposal (and we say, even in case it were wider, probably would be wasted because no one could use almost anything).
W180 has an internal memroia SMS 750, which can be written onĀ  the itap pad, which replaces the best-known T9, and has FM radio. No camera, MMS, Mp3, Video, browsers … remains to mention only the size (114 x 43 x 14 mm), weight (85 g) and the lithium battery with 465 hours of battery life in standby and 9 in conversation.
This is an accessible phone for high quality, offering the advantage of crystal clear communications and music with an integrated FM radio (listen to the radio are optional headphones required). Its comfortable shape allows you to access all the features required, ie telephone, data and music through an intuitive user interface. Navigation and display using best practices and functional interfaces for the FM radio and text messages, supported by large display and an elegant keypad. Thanks to Motorola CrystalTalk technology telephone conversations take place quite naturally with limpid sound and are optimized ringtones even in noisy environments. You can compose messages quickly by pressing only one key per letter, with the possibility of saving up to 750! Connection and unlimited fun!

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