Motorola VE538 Review

Motorola VE538 or Ve538  Yoigo as it is sometimes called, is simple low cost mobile phone with dual camera and Bluetooth function.
The VE538 by Motorola is phone that has the basic features that mobile phone should have – to make calls and listen to music.

This cellphone has been relatively popular in Indonesia, Australia and Spain, but not much is known about this phone elsewhere.Motorola VE538 review

This is simple model, with its own operating system, equipped with two cameras, including one for video calls. Provides expandable memory and integrated Bluetooth module.

It is an economic mobile phone. therefore, with limited number of functions but can be used in different contexts.

Another typical cellphone used as tool of communication and personal entertainment. So you could describe the affordable Motorola VE538, simple model, without great pretensions, beautifully designed and youthful.
The technical specifications of the VE538 refer to an entry-level model, equipped with dual camera and integrated Bluetooth module.


In young-looking candybar structure and size was 107 mm in height, 46 mm in height and 16 mm in thickness, the Motorola VE 538 is definitely model easy to carry. The weight is 83 grams, battery included.
The design, classic, see the front display and an alphanumeric keyboard with membrane keys and multi-directional pad for accessing menus.
The battery is lithium ion battery and has capacity of 910 mAh. According to the specifications should provide range of up to 6 hours talk time and up to 310 hours standby time.

motorola VE538 yoigo ve 538Motorola VE538 Yoigo Features
Motorola VE538 candybar phone is young-looking, has T9 keypad and internal antenna. E ‘terminal Triband GSM / GPRS and UMTS equipped with WAP browser, USB interface for data exchange and handy built-in Bluetooth module.
E ‘can handle SMS messaging, MMS and emails. Also you can listen to MP3 music, install applications and games java or use those already present as calculator and calendar.
It features dual cameras: the main one has 2-megapixel sensor (1.600×1.200 pixels), the secondary VGA. The display is in color, works at resolution of 320×240 pixels and is capable of displaying 262,000 colors.
The internal memory is 10 MB expandable with microSD cards up to 4 GB.

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