Motorola RIZR Z8 Review

The Motorola RIZR Z8, as reported by Ed Zander (CEO of Motorola) as the “media monster”, is one of the most interesting of the year. The Z8 is an intriguing mix of good style and high technology are combined in blend of portentoso design.

The Z8 has Symbian operating system supported from 9.2 UIQ 3.1 graphics rendering this fantastic mobile support small work of art smartphone, the first UIQ phone without touchscreen. However, this is only part of his charm as Motorola this turns out to be far from ordinary products on the market. It has been designed to meet consumer demands with specifically focusing on multimedia.

The Z8 is the first phone with Symbian operating system after the A1010 far (in the Japanese market as the M1000) announced during the 3GSM 2005. I spent many years during which they have been in many to believe that Motorola had abandoned the Symbian. The news of the return by Motorola at 3GSM 2007 in this SO have surprised many people so much that you think of strategic move.

The previous model of Motorola UIQ operating system, due to its size and the ability to interact well with only few players, did not have large market.

The Z8, instead, is intended for much larger market. It will be mobile eye-catching style, totally focused to provide high quality video and will be smaller than the other. Thanks to its small size and its usability is predestined to enter the European market by the main door.

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