• Design

The Motorola V9 RAZR 2 has decidedly attractive design with internal frame made of stainless steel, aluminum and zipper pull Conchiglia. The shape of the cell is rectangular but has thick-thin, just 13.3 mm, while the other dimensions are 103 mm in height and 53 mm in width. The weight is 125 grams. It has two displays with the same resolution, 320×240 pixels, and the same colors that appear, 262,000, with the only difference is that the outer 2 inches.

  • Features and functions

The Motorola V9 RAZR 2 is cell phone that calls aesthetically other models of this very famous brand such as the Motorola Razr V3xx and the Motorola Razr V3x. This is device with functionality and high technology and many features to satisfy user demanding. As for the technical specifications, and starting with those on the network coverage, the V9 RAZ 2 is UMTS / GSM Quadriband, which then uses the four frequencies 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz and 2100 MHz frequency, providing perfect reception. As for other features, the phone has GPRS and EDGE connectivity as well as HSDPA for data transfer speeds comparable to ADSL housewife. There is no lack Bluetooth technology and USB cable for connecting to other devices and the WAP browser and built-in modem for surfing the Internet. As regards, however, the capabilities on the Motorola V9 RAZR 2, should be mentioned first and foremost those that include telephone integrated speakerphone, vibration, multiconferenza, voice recorder, phone book, calendar, alarm clock, calculator and many more. Do not miss the media messaging, as with this phone you can send and receive text messages, MMS and e-mail messages. The phone also has an interesting anointing called Crystal Talk, ce reduces background noise during calls. As for the entertainment and leisure, the V9 RAZR 2 has good camera, with 2 megapixel resolution and with which you can take pictures with 1600×1200 pixel resolution and video quality. The camera is equipped with 8x digital zoom, fotorubrica, editor images and adjusting brightness and contrast. A second camera with VGA resolution allows you to make the video to watch the people with whom you speak. The Motorola V9 RAZR 2 also offers the opportunity to listen to their favorite music, thanks to media player that supports the file formats most popular, and mp3, AAC, AAC + and others. Thanks to fairly large internal memory of 45 MB expandable through microSD cards, you can store good number of songs, photos and video. As to independence, the phone has lithium battery from 950 mAh to secure up to 3.5 hours talk time and 260 hours on standby.

Pros: UMTS / HSDPA, expandable memory; Function crystal talk; Design

Cons: Camera, No radio; Price; Wealth functionality ‘; Connetivita’; Internal Memory

Conclusion: The Motorola V9 RAZR 2 is an excellent device with an all you can ask modern mobile and technologically advanced. The Network UMTS / GSM provides very good reception, the player lets you listen to their music, the camera is good but improved the memory above average. Interesting features of the reduction in background noise.