Motorola Milestone Vs HTC HD2

The mobile industry is really buzzing lately.

New phones are coming out almost every day.motorola milestone

It can be hard to decide, which mobile phone suits you the best.

There has been released to great smartphones by Motorola and HTC lately. These phones are Motorola Milestone and HTC HD2.

Here is our short comparison of these smartphones:

Motorola Milestone is yet another Android smartphone market. The Motorola Milestone is smartphone with large touchscreen and sliding qwerty keyboard below.

In addition, this phone features high-speed mobile internet with specifications such as HSDPA and Wi-Fi. The 5 megapixel camera provides good quality pictures and videos and thanks to the GPS receiver you can also navigate the Motorola Mile Stone. Also missing comprehensive organizer and MP3 and video player not on this phone. In short, the Motorola Milestone is perhaps one of the best moment of the Android phones.

There has been lot in case discussion in the forums about these phones. If you can speak German then go to Motorola Milestone Forum and HTC HD2 Forum to share your thoughts and get additional information about these two mobile phones. There is some really good information shared there already.

The HTC HD2 is younger brother of HTC HD by the Taiwanese manufacturer.

htc hd2The HD2 is Windows OS phone. It runs on the new Windows Mobile 6.5. Furthermore, this phone is an advanced smartphone that is operated via large touchscreen.

The HTC HD2 also features wide array of high quality applications. So you can speed mobile Internet access through HSDPA and Wi-Fi and with the 5 megapixel camera creates beautiful pictures and video. The HD2 also features applications such as MP3 and video player, GPS with A-GPS, Pocket Office, Social support and Windows Media Phone applications.

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  1. I like this phone because have features high-speed mobile internet with specifications such as HSDPA and Wi-Fi

  2. The HTC HD2 deals with the ‘problem’ of Windows Mobile by having a gorgeous user interface, capacitive touchscreen and multi-touch.

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