We do not know much touchscreen phones from Motorola, so why is the launch of Motorola Evoke QA4 more interesting. It is at first sight high-end feature touchscreen phone, with emphasis on multimedia and the Web. It is candybar with slide out numeric keypad, and also includes an onscreen QWERTY keyboard.  motorola evoke review

The device runs on Motorola’s own operating system. There are standard widgets and applications available to the user to make easy to find information on popular websites such as Google Picasa, YouTube and MySpace.

If you want to personalize your phone with new cover you will appreciate to know that the Evoke (QA4) personalization possible. The collection of games in the Motorola Evoke (QA4) is based on BREW, so you have cool games on your phone! Naturally, such as cell phone today is expected, supports the Evoke (QA4) both SMS and EMS. Here top this phone also supports MMS messaging so you all can send your multimedia messages! The dictionary is based on the iTAP technology, which is very easy to use.

The Evoke (QA4) can support streaming media using the MPEG-4 / H.263 technology. Connection to computer is possible with cable so that information can be exchanged. We found that the Motorola Evoke (QA4) is very attractive cell phone that we definitely do not want to remember everyone who is looking for good phone!

evoke review

In the specifications we find include 2.8 “inch touchscreen, GPS, Stereo Bluetooth, and 2 megapixel camera. Unfortunately, this unit on the CDMA standard, so it is compatible with the European GSM network.

If this mobile by Motorola will be realeased in GSM version is not known yet.