Motorola Devour Review

There have been lot of rumors around Motorola Devour lately, but Motorola today officially confirmed the arrival of this smartphone. The Devour, which will run on Google Android, will be sold in the United States by the U.S. carrier Verizon. It is not yet known in case this phone will be sold on other markets like Europe. If it is then Motorola probably will have different name for this device on other markets.

Vice president and Motorola Android software services, Rick Osterloh gives us nice demo-added in the first movie.

This hands-on demo takes about seven minutes and shows us what Devour Motorola has to offer.

The Motorola Devour will have VGA display, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth as it is standard in almost every smartphone nowadays. The Qualcomm 600 Mhz chipset also promises nice speed.

To date, there are only few known specifications of the Motorola Devour, successor to the Motorola Droid .  In appearance, the Devour is very similar to theMotorola’s current flagship. The Devour is currently known as Motorola Calgary. The device, according to the leaked roadmap from Motorola in the first quarter of 2010 on the market. As usually, the device may first be released in the U.S. market.

Devour will have the following specifications:

  • physical Qwerty keyboard
  • Motorola Android 1.6 with “Blur” finishing
  • 3 Megapixel camera
  • 256MB RAM
  • 3.1 inch screen

Now the processor specification, we can add to this list. It would probably be the Qualcomm MSM7627, we already know from the Palm Pixi. This powerful processor actually consists of 2 parts. One part will serve to keep applications running smoothly and can count on 600Mhz speed for this task. The second part focuses on modem activity and its ability to 400Mhz can count. The Qualcomm processor supports HSDPA up to 7.2 Mbps and can encode and decode WVGA 30fps and has 200Mhz GPU with OpenGL support.

Besides this new info about the processor from the Motorola Devour, we also give you that this device probably also will be available in silver. Indeed there has already spotted one, recorded in pictures and of course the Internet. The Devour would some say easier to handle than the Motorola Droid. However, this will be confirmed once the device reaches the market.

What is the exact release date and availability outside USA is still mystery.

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  1. More than a basic phone, this phone offers simplicity or complexity depending on your needs.This is all the phone most people can want. The design and layout of the keys, screen size and features make this phone a winner.

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