Motorola Aura Diamond Review

motorola aura diamond reviewIf  Motorola Aura is not enough for you then we have something even more special for you. The American company has pulled out of the hat new model even more luxurious called Motorola Aura Diamond Edition, which increases the value and of course the price. motorola aura diamond
Display and navigation button that allows you to access different applications of the phone.
The phone has been enriched with sparkling stones, but the functions remain the same ones that characterize the simple and traditional Motorola Auram model launched last year at cost of 1,400 euros.

A basic device already very expensive in this case is enriched with details that transform him into high-end mobile access difficult.

Motorola Aura Diamond Edition will be on sale tomorrow, 26th October at price of around 3900 euros. That is $5700 US dollars .

Motorola Aura Diamond will certainly breach the hearts of the “bling lovers”, though in financially difficult time as phone like this certainly can not point to big market.

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