LG Xenon Review

Is there going to be new cellphone that would knock consumer out the feet? Can cell phone make something completely new and allows consumers to have something missing? Well, that’s quite large order, as each phone is trying to deliver the expectations and should be very innovative. However, there is always demand for innovation in the form of fixed telephone. That is, consumers are always looking for phone that an improvement of the necessary basic training they need. This is short review about the LG Xenon mobile phone. Let’s see what this phone has to offer. lg xenon review

LG Xenon is mobile phone with Quadband and HSDPA at 3.6 Mbps dedicated to messaging and connectivity. This phone’s style is very modern and youthful, it has 2.8-inch TFT touchscreen (65K colors and 240 x 400 pixels) very sensitive to touch. and QWERTY keyboard to help you write SMS, MMS, email and chat. The 2 MPixel camera can take pictures up to 1600 × 1200 pixels and also find flash and geo-tagging.

Users can also communicate wirelessly, via Bluetooth. For other uses, LG Xenon dissociates to satisfactory standard functions from those media.

For example, in case you receive call while listening to music, to answer the phone automatically lowers the volume of the music. And when the call ends, the volume returns to the starting level.

LG Xenon also has an image editor with filters that allow you to change creatively pictures taken with the camera to 2 megapixels.
Xenon will also part of the now upcoming MTV series, “The Phone”, produced by .

LG Xenon Specs

Brand: LG
Model: Xenon
Networks: Quad-band GSM 900-1800-1900-850
Dimensions: 105.5 x 53.5 x 15.8 mm
Weight with battery included: 108 g
Release Year: Not available
Date Added: 6/4/2009
Battery: Li-Ion 950 mAh
Purchase Kit: Not available
Standby time: 264 hours
Talk time: 4 hours
Operating System: Proprietary
System Notes: Data not available

lg xenonThe LG Xenon has been available to buy from just before Christmas last year. It was marketed initially by only American operator AT & T, who is currently testing its reliability. The price of LG Xenon is not known.

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i like both phones but i don’t know which one to get. i need it for texting and listening to music, i guess. not much web browsing.

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