LG VX 8300 Test

LG VX 8300 is an update of the popular VX8100 clamshell device, which adds to its predecessor a
screen can display up to 262,000 colors, an external OLED display of 65,000 colors, technology
Bluetooth, 1.3-megapixel camera, stereo headphones, the possibility to act as music player and slot for

  1. – Device VX8300;
  2. – Li-Ion battery with 1100 mAh capacity;
  3. – Charger;
  4. – User manual.

LG VX  8300 looks like little toy blue and silver of its predecessor and takes VX8100
in itself dark gray metal more professional and modern. LG VX8300 weighs 110 grams and measuring 90
mm in height, 49 mm in width and 23 millimeters thick, mean measurements for clamshell phone. Of
certainly does not reach the compactness of RAZR.

Unfortunately, the LG VX 8300 does not have an internal antenna, external el’antenna add other 2.5 mm
to total mobile. The successor model to the VX8300, the VX8600, instead incorporate an indoor antenna.
The LG Electronics device that we are analyzing in this test is well constructed with fine materials, and rests
well on the palm of the hand, and the opening mechanism is smooth and flowing, and, unlike other devices
clamshell, not strange and annoying noises.
In general left us pleasantly surprised at the way in which the LG VX8300 is built, much more than
Economic quell’apparenza plastic which gives eg Chocolate.
The device can easily be kept in your pocket, although the emergence out of the antenna can be certainly
element of disturbance.
Just below the screen are located outside the controller of the music player, which allow you to use the
MP3 player without having to open the device. In the above the external display, however, the seat of the
1.3-megapixel camera.
The sides of the device housing two stereo speakers, with the controller and the volume button activation
voice commands on the left, and the microSD slot for Memory card and button opening of your camera on
right. The 2.5 mm jack is located near the top, and the input port of the charger and cable
data is low.

LG VX8300
Image via Wikipedia

Located at the heart of the mobile phone, the display outside the LG VX8300 is built with OLED technology, has resolution
of 96×96 pixels and can display up to 65,000 colors. The LG has decided not to use TFT screen, as
Instead he had done in the VX8100, but to use an OLED to optimize battery performance and to ensure that it was
more readable under direct sunlight. However, this has led to smaller and lower resolution.

The main display is located inside the clamshell, has resolution of 176×220 pixels and can display
up to 262,000 colors. Furthermore, it is built with TFT technology. The texts are easily readable, and images are
clear, bright colors and colorful, but unfortunately the visibility under direct sunlight is abundantly
The main display of LG VX8300 is below average with regard to the resolution, we would have liked to see a
QVGA display.
The alphanumeric keypad of LG VX 8300 has the same gray monochrome of the rest of the phone. The numbers and letters
printed on the buttons are backlit with blue light, which allows you to easily see them even in very
dark. The buttons are well spaced from one another and therefore easy to distinguish. Writing without the aid of the look is
not only possible but also fast and efficient.
Above the keyboard, just below the screen, are located the navigation controls, consisting of D-Pad
pentadirezionale, which allows you to navigate through menus and is illuminated with the light blue, two keys Contextual
that change their function depending on the application in use, two-button start / end call button and the Clear.
The LG VX8300 is dual-band CDMA (800/1900 MHz).
As for local connectivity, has Bluetooth wireless technology, with protocol which allows A2P2
connect wireless stereo headsets.
You can also transfer data locally using the USB cable connection, or through the passage of
LG has made available Jack stereo 2.5 mm.
With regard to navigating the Internet, you will have only WAP 2.0 browser.

An LG VX8300 mobile phone
Image via Wikipedia

The Main Menu of LG VX8300 is divided into selections – Messaging, Contacts, Recent Calls,
Settings & Tools. We were pleasantly surprised that it is possible to customize the menu in way also
enough. You can also choose between different themes and settings of the graphics.
You can record up to 500 contacts with Name, Telephone House, Mobile, Work, Email. It is also possible
select, for each contact, ring tone or different image, which will occur whenever
specific contact name.
The voice command button is another interesting feature, which allows you to call contact
simply saying the name. This technology is operated correctly and efficiently during the
our tests.
The V03 firmware allows you to connect via bluetooth stereo audio via the protocol A2P2,
which makes the multimedia potential of the device even better. The new firmware also supports

Memory Card 2GB that allow the user to store many files.
The LG VX8300 is capable of sending and receiving messages Text, Pix and Flix. Compose text messages using the technology
T9 is very simple and quick, thanks to very large archive and easily updatable. Images and videos can
be attached and sent as attachments to other phones or email addresses.


The LG VX8300 is powered by Li-Ion Battery 1100 mAh, which should guarantee him an autonomy of 3.5 hours of
telephone conversations and 384 hours of standby. It is time of power certainly above average, and
much better than the 2.5 hours of telephone conversations that we have managed to achieve with the Chocolate.
The CMOS camera module to be integrated 1.3 megapixel LG VX8300 can produce, given its low
level, image quality in case decent outside shot, the colors saturated enough though, of course, the absence of
detail is visible.
The images taken indoors and in low light conditions are devoid of detail, blurred and colorless, and then
almost negligible.
To activate the camera you must press the button is released opening positioned on the right side of the device,
then the camera will take about 3 seconds before taking the picture.
The interface of the camera offers numerous controls the resolution (set to a
up to 128×960 pixels), the timer for the self-timer, flash, settings for brightness, white balance,
Some effects of color, and some shooting modes.
While holding down the button to activate the camera, activate the video recording, which reaches a
maximum resolution of 176×144 pixels.


The music is one of the strengths of LG VX8300. The music player allows you to sort the
tracks by artist, genre, album. Once the player is turned on and song is being playing, the display
Internal displays information about the track. You can also close the clamshell and display the same information on
external display. The music buttons located beneath the external screen are backlit and can be used to control
easily the music player via the controls Rewind, Skip Back, Play / Pause and Fast Forward / Skip.
The sound quality is very good, with little distortion and good size, especially in case you doterete of good earphones
stereo, maybe bluetooth.


We have the pleasure to work with LG VX8300, and we liked lot the quality of voice output and input. The volume
for the speaker’s voice can be set to very high volume, and not to fall into this annoying distortions.
The voices are loud and clear, and above all very natural.
The ability to perceive the signal part is excellent, the LG VX8300 has been able to stay logged in
areas very problematic for other devices.


The VX8300 for its level is an excellent phone, and realizes an efficient and careful all the features that
promises. The overall quality of the device is improved over its predecessor VX 8100. If you are interested in a
clamshell with two color display, 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, good quality of voice, slot
microSD MEMORYCARD for an MP3 music player, I recommend.

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