LG has just before the end of 2008 presented new device. The KS660 is the first dual-sim model of the Korean manufacturer.

Like most competitors, along with the KS660 offer SIM cards so that you can operate on two numbers (business and private) are accessible without having to lug two devices.

It is intended that the KS660 first in China and Russia will be delivered and (only) anywhere in February here in the Netherlands will be in stores with price tag of around 350 Euro.

In exchange for the dual sim functionality LG features like WiFi and 3G support should be shooting. The other specs of this LG fall any, in positive sense it. Thus, the KS660 (twice) tri-band GSM support with GPRS and EDGE, 3 inch WQVGA (400×240) touchscreen display, 5 megapixel camera, motion sensor, FM Radio Tuner, Multimedia player, Bluetooth (with A2DP), 50MB memory and microSD memory card (optional). The LG KS660 measuring 105 x 55 x 14.9 millimeters and weighs 115 grams.
LG is making significant progress in the mobile phone business. It has just its first dual-SIM handset, the KS660. They will have 3 inch touchscreen WQVGA display, 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and video recording, tri-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE connectivity, 50MB memory space to upgrade via microSDHC and accelerometer to play . This dual-SIM device has sacrificed the 3G and WiFi connectivity options, but we can get that in future versions.

KS660 Russian Review

The KS660 will arrive in China, Russia and some of its neighbors in Q1 of 2009. Other countries? We will just have to wait. And we also need price.