LG KS660 Review

LG has just before the end of 2008 presented new device. The KS660 is the first dual-sim model of the Korean manufacturer.

Like most competitors, along with the KS660 offer SIM cards so that you can operate on two numbers (business and private) are accessible without having to lug two devices.

It is intended that the KS660 first in China and Russia will be delivered and (only) anywhere in February here in the Netherlands will be in stores with price tag of around 350 Euro.

In exchange for the dual sim functionality LG features like WiFi and 3G support should be shooting. The other specs of this LG fall any, in positive sense it. Thus, the KS660 (twice) tri-band GSM support with GPRS and EDGE, 3 inch WQVGA (400×240) touchscreen display, 5 megapixel camera, motion sensor, FM Radio Tuner, Multimedia player, Bluetooth (with A2DP), 50MB memory and microSD memory card (optional). The LG KS660 measuring 105 x 55 x 14.9 millimeters and weighs 115 grams.
LG is making significant progress in the mobile phone business. It has just its first dual-SIM handset, the KS660. They will have 3 inch touchscreen WQVGA display, 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and video recording, tri-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE connectivity, 50MB memory space to upgrade via microSDHC and accelerometer to play . This dual-SIM device has sacrificed the 3G and WiFi connectivity options, but we can get that in future versions.

KS660 Russian Review

The KS660 will arrive in China, Russia and some of its neighbors in Q1 of 2009. Other countries? We will just have to wait. And we also need price.

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  1. I have been using it, for about 5 months, and it is rubbish – the most frustrating phone I have ever had (worse than the Sony Ericsson I had 6 years ago).

    The first month was fine but it gets worse with time. Problems:

    – when writing texts words disappear for seemingly no reason (it has something to do with the rhythm with which you press the keys but not figured out why). 1 in every 2 texts I write the “do you wish to save to drafts?” screen pops up for no reason whilst typing. Click yes and you then leave the editor and have to find the text in your drafts, click no and you lose it all – great.

    – No warning to say that your message memory is full, simply when you try to send a message it will not send. You cannot delete old messages without quitting editor and cannot save the message if you quit.

    – these days takes a very long time to start up (about 3 minutes during which the screen freezes – and sometimes requires battery removal to reset)

    – touch pad is not very accurate after 1 month, sometimes not registering firm pressure for 10 seconds or so

    – Very slow, searching through address book is horribly tedious.

    – messages in my inbox have been jumbled around, titles, dates, sender numbers and content have all been mixed up!! Some text even cut out of old messages and then inserted into a different folder as a message from someone else.

    I could go on, but I don’t think I need to. If you intend to send more than 10 text messages, don’t buy it. Everything else is pretty standard – except for the 5 megapixel camera which is awful.

    Having 2 sims is a bonus, and the only reason I bought the phone, but I am about to go and buy 2 single sim phones instead. There goes 300 pounds

  2. Hi D-man. I wished I could have had read your opinion before deciding whether to buy or not. I bought it last month on the 24th. Had echo problem whenever people call me they can hear themselves echoing behind. I sent it back & they couldn’t fix the problem so they replaced a new one for me. Everything was fine until a few days ago I deleted all my messages. As it is getting the memory full soon. So all I did was press the DELETE ALL button. And there the problem came. Now I can hardly send messages as it is in Outbox(pending) for quite sometime then only it send through. Or it doesn’t send at all. Pisses me off. And my inbox is all jumbled around as well! Some of the messages that came I just couldn’t get them to VIEW! I couldn’t get to see what is in my message! I just hate my phone now!

  3. If you need a dual SIM phone go for Acer DX900. Its world’s first and only smartphone with dual sim and solid performer. All problems like poor battery etc have been solved with Acer’s latest firmware ver 700 for India. A good phone. Only glitch – needs charging everyday on medium to heavy usage.

  4. thanks guys for the warning, was just about to get one for myself. Please can anyone enlighten us more about the Acer DX900 or any dual phone that is good except samsung

  5. This is quite simply the worst phone I have ever had. It is impossible to dial calls or send sms as the touchscreen normally does not work at all or malfunctions completely. I was given a global warrant in writing by the dealer which LG refuse to honour. They say its false, I asked them if they were at least interested in knowing which one of their dealers was supplying false warranties and they said it really wasnt their problem

    Texting is impossible, t9 does not work most of the time or deletes the words, and if you turn of T9, u only have access to the first letter of each number!!! The sound is hopeless and perhaps the only redeeming feature is the camera which is actually ok

    Unfortunately I was intending on buying a phone, not a camera and now Im several hundred Euros out of pocket with a phone that is only worthy for the rubbish bin

  6. The phone is better than Samsung D980. I didn’t have problems with echo’s maybe because of the firmware I have (v10c). The echo’s I saw on some forums that can be resolve by codes. Everything works great at this phone for me, even the internet browsing and emails. The soft respond a little slower but I had phones slower than this with bigger expectations. From my opinion this phone it is a very good choice for those who wants a dual sim phone. I also have an Acer Dx900 but because of the battery life and other problems, I’m using it only for wifi, games, applications, gps. Acer Dx900 is no more produced because of many problems with the sims and battery life (needs to be restarted too often). Ks660 it is easier to use and you can easier manage the two sims, the picture viewer is vary fast, the movies played very good, the auto rotate screen works better than Acer (with acer when you talk on the phone and the screen is rotated, you must wait too long for the screen to comes back vertically and responds too late to the commands when you want quickly to change between the two sims and to stop a phone call). Till now I used: Samsung D780, D980, some Chinese dual sims phones, AcerDx900 and now Lg lg660 witch I like more than all.

  7. My experience is exactly like Sumra. I took it to service center. Apparently they reloaded the firmware. It worked OK for couple days and returned to “its” “normal” behavior.

    I congratulate myself if I can send any text message from it.

    My older chinese dual SIM phone N958 used to work like jiffy. Speed of KS660 is pathetic.

    Due to absence of any other input mechanism, many times I get stuck because I cant do anything else than receiving call and last number redial.

    Such kind of product not expected from company calling “Life’s Good”. Need to understand concept of Good from them. Life has become miserable after owning KS660

  8. I don’t know about any problem with my KS660. For me it works great. I install a lot of software and games. It is true the without protection on the screen the touch works much better, but this problem I saw on many touch phones. For a “very good” phone you can buy nokia, but read the opinions very good because nokia has also problems (a lot of problems with every new model). On the market there isn’t “no problem phone”.

  9. My experience with K660 is not good. The touch scrolling is hard (some times needs to be pressed hard). The piece was replaced after LG service center acknowledged the problem.A unique problem is noticed with the replaced piece.The caller/receiver to/from this unit gets his/her voice echoed during conversation. So pl check before you take back this piece home.

  10. Thnx guys… for ur great suggestions.. I thought of buying this.., Now i’ve to rethink over my decision…

  11. Dude, thanks a lot for ur suggestions. Was planning to invest almost 10k for dis dump piece. Wud now probably go for micromax.

  12. Not a good phone to suggest,very difficult to find a contact,frequent hang-ups of touch screen,pressing a menu gives the response of the neighbouring menu( if you press the loud-speaker while on call,the machine detects it as call-end)Long time to start-up,camera is good.

  13. One sad phone ever I have used in my life within 1 month touch pad is not responding had a falsh done worked for 2-3 days back to same I have to restart the phone every time i have to use the phone as touch screen doesnt work.

    Do Not buy this phone its a loss of 9k

  14. Well, I have problems with the touchscreen, doesn’t work at all or pressing several times and hoping it responds. Just bouht it three months ago and after one month I had this problem. What is the solution??

  15. U just saved my finance from being wasted into this crap! Tanx!Its high time those unreliable phones is banned on the market!!!


  17. Such a disappointing phone! within a month of usage, the touch pad has stopped functioning. the mail system is bogus, mixing up messages, senders and dates. the battery life is short, requiring frequent charging. and then the contact list…how irritating to search for a number! i have been a loyal customer for lg branded goods, but lg mobile has so disappointed me.

  18. All I have to advise anyone who will buy LG KS660 ” NEVER BUY THIS PHONE” it’s the worst phone with very bad response touch screen when I try to cal or write a text it’s not working
    please don’t buy it

  19. LG KS 660 is a real pain it is the worst phone i have ever seen it is worst than reliance phone lots of problem in this cell phone

  20. touchscreen usually hangs- it’s not working good in less than a month.no good phone except for its camera.

  21. DO NOT BUY this phone. The touch screen does not work and LG doesn’t care, doesn’t honour the warranty. I hate LG for selling me a stone. I wish I had money I could be taking LG for some mass litigation or may be even to the ICJ for crimes against humanity.

  22. Oh boy! What a waste of time and money. that’s what LG KS660 is. I wish I had bought the Samsung D980 at least everyone i know using that hasnt complained.
    The touch screen does not work.

    The messages are all mumbled up. Body with wrong title et al.

    I dont know why LG has not come out to acknowledge their mistake with this mobile phone and recall it back to the factory.

    Even if LG cannot provide another dual sim phone(which is why everyone went for it in the first place), compensate its customers with another reliable LG phone.

    This will retain the integrity of the company.

    For anyone that’s thinking of buying this phone, DON’T!!!!!

  23. i wish i had read all dis info b4 venturing to buy dis phone,i av neva hated my self so much b4 ova a phone…..dis phone is d father of frustration

  24. The touch screen was not responding and took it for replacement within 1 month.After that the Texts messages started getting mixed up and when i send text it sends to either the wrong number or picks an old message from either the Inbox or sent folder.Also i am unable to send and text now as they just crowd in the outbox waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!.LG please give a solution urgently to redeem your image!

  25. I have been using LGKS660 for like 7 months now and I am really not happy about it. The 5 mp camera and dual sim features really sounded interesting so I ended up buying. The phone is depressing! I can’t send messages easily, browse my contact and etc… The system responses so slow and touch pad is not accurate. When I listen to music, it sometimes hangs up so I have to remove the battery and restart it. The camera isn’t that fantastic as well….so now, I feel like LG scammed me…. lol…

  26. Its one of the worst phones.. PLEASE DO NOT BUY IT.. you have lot other options… from lesser known players working much better..

    Messaging problems… keep happening every two months and needs an reloading of sw at the centre, touch screen is pathetic excuse for a touch phone, no shotrcut keys, camera sucks even though it is a 5MP camera… all in all a worthless buy.. waste of money…

  27. I’m the dumbest one, as purchased it before the end of it’s production(not sure), only in the urgent hunger of 5-mp camera. I really lost 10,000(INR.) where i could have gone for 15,000 with all my demands as under.
    First cons…
    1) As D-man specified, massaging is full of error.
    2) Typing is been cured in later os-version.
    3) Less softwares as java os(platform).
    4) Only 950mhz Battery(ok but not for highEnd users).
    5) As in http://ftp.-server or a screen-saver in ur comp. Continues flash(in camera mode) is not actually continuous, if not keep on making it sense that mobile-phone’s master is still alive standing nearby(maybe necessary but irritating for me).
    5) Camera won’t allow flash during video-recording.
    6) No Dual(front) camera.(well it’s obvious hence ok).
    7) Still not sure of it’s 5mp actual performance.
    8) Same port for charger, usb-connector and headPhone.(hence i really miss multitasking. A great discomfort if u wanna talk on headphone for more then ur battery capacity. may be not for u).
    9) Touch-screen needs expertize.(Disabling(removing) call-button option from Address book will help preventing unnecessary calls while navigation).
    10) No brand return as Nokia-Samsung-Apple-etc. Now i am able to sell it in just Rs.7,000.

    Now some Pros… too:-
    1) Low cost(touch+dual+5mp+ AllBasicSmartPhoneFeatures)
    2) Java
    3) call memory 40, 250hr standby.
    4) Back-Panel is diff.(u may not but i like it).
    5) USB charging(in case u loose ur charger).
    6) All Basic connectivities(usb, pc-suite, pc-internet-Modem, bluetooth, radio, internet, tv-out) except wifi.
    7) Yes, it increases/upgraded my sensitivity towards these things(pros. nd cons. to any of the digital world device. And I know i still know very less).

  28. Some more tips :
    1) keep on scanning ur memory for viruses.
    2) Keep ur internal memory empty(leave it for Mobile default use only).
    3) Means always save in external(8gb is enough).
    4) For better picture try not to shake ur hand. Put it somewhere(for video or even snapping).
    5) Again nd again u have to Correct/change camera settings to specify storage/location and image-stabilization feature.
    6) Remove Battery plug if full.
    7) Make a habit of making backUp file with .vcf extention. And also a copy of it in ur PC.
    8) Sometimes format ur Ext.-memory without reason.
    9) Buy a cheap Multi-card-Reader.
    10) Remember, now This world is changing very frequently.

  29. Hello! I have been using LG KS660 for more than a year now, and it runs fine. I had trouble with its touchpad when it fell but I had it replaced when I went to HK. It cost me cheaper to change fix it there. I paid US $45.00 for the part and service. Anyway, the service in HK was cheaper than in the Philippines which would have been $70.00.

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