LG GW300 Review

LG GW300 is the perfect mobile phone to exchange messages and e-mail and to access social networking sites. LG GW300 review
To this end, has QWERTY keyboard that facilitates the writing, just as in case you use computer, and Facebook pre-installed. Other features include 2.4-inch TFT display with resolution of 320×240 pixels and 262 thousand colors, FM radio, media player, memory of 14 MB expandable with microSD, Bluetooth, Quadband GSM network and 2 megapixel camera with 2x zoom and video recording.

Review of LG GW300

This phone is the model type and operates on block Proprietary OS.

The GW300 LG incorporates in its physical structure, full QWERTY keyboard (an effective tool when faster writing any type of text message), and has in its software application to surf Facebook and the other to be able to revise its 2.4-inch display email. At the same time, this new terminal of the Korean company has function (called LiveSquare) that lets users collect their favorite contacts on the home screen. A very practical, unless you want to lose sight of your best friends.

In addition, the LG GW300 goes to market with an integrated camera with 2.0 megapixels, an internal memory with storage capacity of up to 10 megabytes (Still, it may be upgradeable to 4 gigs by adding MicroSD memory cards), GSM connectivity triband and bluetooth, and FM radio tuner, and more. Qualities, as can be seen, more than normal these days in the changing mobile phone market.

LG GW300 comes shortly after the announcement of the “TV” and futuristic Black Label Series 4. This is model that is part of series of phones with full QWERTY keyboard that reward the width and minimize the thickness. If LG Tribe and InTouch hiding the keyboard to scroll, here is exposed.

LG GW300 Price is going to be 149 euros at maximum.

LG GW300 Specs

Talk time:  up to 5 hours
Standby Time:  up to 400 hours
Weight:  95 grams
Dimensions:  116 x 61 x 13mm

lg gw300


  • 2.0 MPcamera
  • MP3 Player
  • Large display
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Colors: Pink or Black


  1. Camera not too good
  2. too little internal memory
  3. No UMTS


  1. 2 GB memory card included
  2. good QWERTY keyboard
  3. player and FM radio with 3.5 mm jack

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  2. i hv been using dis phone 4m d past one month but d response is not so gud….the fone is slow…n now it switches off after sending msg or disconnectin a cal…..evn d lg service center ppl are not able to service it…..
    the gud thng abt d fone is dat d music quality is gud, wid fast typin on d qwerty keypad…

  3. hi..!! i got this phone a month ago.. & i already hav problems with its bluetoth… plus , it says that it can accept a memory card upto 16 gb….bt its nt even accepting a 4gb card..!
    the phone has definately not matched the expectations
    the internal memory is too less….. }
    the QWERTY is pretty comfortable though…..
    looks are okay..!!
    the phone is a liltle slow …
    & i would definately not suggest you to buy is phone….!

  4. Hi, I bought this phone since two weeks now. It has a nice look but I’m not satisfied with its functions. Firstly, I used to send messages in French, and I had a lot of problems with the phone as the keyboard does not contain all the é, ç, î, û, etc. Also when I received messages from friends, it does not indicate the names of recipients. Can you help me?

  5. hi, i have just bought this phone, and i am not allowed to use it until my birthday, so i dont know what its like…
    do you think it is worth it? i bought it for $160..is that reasonable? even though there are bad parts to this phone, do the pro’s outweight the cons ???

  6. I Got It Just Yesterday And It Freezes Quite A Lot ….. But It Looks Very Nice. It Also Is Slow At Some Points. I Would NOT Recommend To Anyone …………………….Its Just Not A Good Phone

  7. i researched a lot before buying this phone. its d best value for money in terms of qwerty phones… the cheapest one with a brand name. that said the phone simply defeats d purpose for which it was made qwerty… messaging…
    it is so slowm i feel my first(not previous yes my first phone) phone was faster at reading and deleting msgs. have been using it for over 3 months now.
    cant sell it as no one’s willing to buy. no resale value. also shuts down on sending msges to multiple recipients.
    video quality is fine but plays only mp4 and 3gp so a no go that ways too… sound is ok.
    but if u cant make calls or msg properly no point in buying this phone. reviews generally sound very rosy BUT DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE…

  8. I have got this phone 2 weeks back, once i restart this phone SD card is not recognized and i am facing problems in Bluetooth. Plzzz do not get this phone.

  9. i bought dis phone yesterday its awsome looks very good music quality is great d phone might be slow but its d best phone money can buy believe me

  10. very good phone. i’ve had it for about a month & it has not given me any issues what-so-ever. i would deff recommend it. i love the feats, cam, qwerty keyboard & games. the phone is light, and has a great screen. for me, it has not been slow at all. and hopefully it continues that way. i love it!!!!

  11. Ehrm… I was going to get this phone tomorrow but these reviews have just put me off. Is it that bad? I read the reviews on Vodafone and they say its brilliant ;O

  12. please dont buy lg gw300 phone. i bought it in april2010 for rs.5100 and i want to sell it for rs.2000 but nobody intersted. please dont waist your money. look for other chinese options.

  13. Hey guys i bought this phone a month ago its damn slow would not recommend anyone to buy the internal memory is damn low and yea often gets hanged the speaker of this phone is awful from the back this phone looks like a chinese phone its pretty bad pls dont waste your money on this stupid Shit like me

  14. Dun buy this phone.
    -suddenly restart when delete msg after reply it
    -camera is bad compare to the other 2mp phone
    -can’t mute the shutter sound when taking picture
    -suddenly the sound continuing decreases while answering phone when listening mp3

    -it really nice looking phone
    -first impression is superb(like expensive phone)
    -screen is big
    -nice color display

    so.. think it first b4 u buy it. u want the look or the functionality?

  15. i’m thinking of buying the phone bt after reading this comments i’m not sure anymore. it luks quite nyc and i hear its very slow, it restart its self, on and off. i dnt want a slow phone bt for nw its all i can afford. i’m confused!!!!

  16. it is so so slow that you can click the button to open a msg and while the phone tries to open it, you can go and have a bath. You would be lucky if you find that msg to be opened. Try deleting a few msg, it takes years. And dnt even think of transfering music from laptop, you might grow old by the time it finishes.

    totally worthless… m ready to sell it at 1/5 the price, bought 2 months ago..

  17. I will not recommend this phone to anyone. Messaging is too slow, it takes ages to type,send and forward messages. Even camera quality is poor..looks good on phone but when u transfer them to PC u will come to its all bullshit. Sometimes it switch off automatically…takes ages to disconnect…I am planning to sell this phone and goin to but Nokia E-63….Nokis was best and will remain best always…so guys whosoever plannin to buy this one..think twice sorry thrice…i got this set for Rs 5000 but its resale value in 20 days is only 2000/-

  18. Hei, friend…
    how to download Yahoo messenger in LG GW300?
    because i don’t know why in LG GW300 nothing Yahoo messenger….
    I try but, I don’t have a result…
    Anybody can you help me?

  19. Hey dudes i bought this fon.
    Its a good phn i dnt hv any prblms like othrs pstd on the site…
    Restarting problm is occurd due to the virus prblm and the phn bcme slow if there is more than 100 msgs .good camera, good music,large screen and good clarity at affordable price RS4600

  20. the phone is good, it only depends on how you use it… i agree with “Ujju@L” comments. definitely cheap only that it does not have wifi function, but its good

  21. frankly it is one of the worst phone i have ever used.th only good thing abt th phone is th screen resolution… its very slow an dosent gives th very basic need.. u will struggle with th internet.. for me th JAVA app dosent fits in th screen ,,which makes th application useless.. mesg service is too slow .. u need ages to delete an acess th msgs …th phone starts an congs off when he wants to… i think LG shud b sued for ths peace of S***… it is totally waste of money an dont know wht LG an our CONSUMER MARKET firms do for such fraud with th customer

  22. worst phone to use… very slow …internet an java will kill u…it gets off when ever it wants an it is not th case with just me but with all th users.. its totally a custyomer fraud phone… LG shud be sued for this phone…

  23. I bought this fone 2 weeks bak…n to b honest i lyked it very much….
    =>it allows me too edit its features my way..
    =>d luk is jus amazin..
    =>gr8 quality of qwerty keypd
    =>amazin music quality
    =>good stand-by battery
    =>best one to hv muti media features at such a low price..
    [but if u cud afford a fone f much more range dn u wud surely get more btr features dn dis]

  24. I am using this phn frm past 3 mnths…. Awesome phn… Everythng is gud… Frm my opinion its nt at all slow… Plss its a gud phn u cn buy it….

  25. Well,i am wanting this phone for christmas and i have had mixed comments,I think i will get it i will just look after it.Lets hope it goes well.
    thx 🙂

  26. i am using this phone from last 7 months.i am not happy with this phone.whenever i play music the phone shuts down autometically.after sending msg and while talking to someone.it shuts down in between.i am very unhappy.


    Diabling the apps (such as games, internet, shopping, instant messaging) is not allowed. So, if you accidently press on any of these icon, you will be charged a fee by your phone company. Even if the game was successfully downloaded or NOT.

  28. This phone is good when you want to have everything, except for wi-fi and 3g.

    You got a 3.5 slot, mp3, radio, pretty bad camera and a great look!

    For the maximal price of 90 euro, right now, it’s not a bad phone at all, you just need handle it with care.

  29. I bought this phone last June 2010, so far even until now, it never failed, it worked very well..fotunately for me.

  30. during call voice hearing/microphone quality is very bad and process is very slow. so this is not good phone comparing to nokia/sony brand.

  31. I brought this phone 2 days ago but now i am not happy with this phone.While buying it i was so impressed with it’s look and some features.BUT when i start using it i did not find it as good as i have hopped before.Than my some friends also starts telling the drawbacks of this phone and then i check it on net and i find so many drawbacks of it and so many people un happy with this phone like me.
    So i will not recomend any one for this phone.


  33. To all who have complaints and want to buy the phone.

    This is a very nice phone and i write this frm it..

    I’ve owned this fne for a year and a few months now. And i’m still learning new things, it’s a bit on the slow side, but dnt be an idiot, it DOES have ç,û,î,é and many mre for you frenchies…

    DOWNLOAD CORRECT SCREEN RESS APPS! 320X240 and get opera browser…

    Great sound!
    Great price!
    Great looks!

    And a simple restart fixes Blue tooth bugs.

    For it’s price 4/5 RECOMMENDED
    Most probs above are jüst people making dumb ass mißtakes…

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