LG GM730 Review

The LG GM730 is full touchscreen smartphone with high quality features. LG GM730 Review

The device runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 which is nice and fast. Also makes the GM730 using the S-class user interface from LG and is based on cube. When finger across the screen rotates the cube quarter turn each time and another home screen. Mobile Internet, thanks to the support HSDPA/G3 which also offers good opportunities for the email management. Sharp pictures and videos are to do with the 5.0 megapixel camera. With Wifi and Bluetooth functionality make contact with other devices and networks for information exchange. The GM730 also has GPS with A-GPS so it can be used as navigation device. A comprehensive media player and FM radio should not be missed and make sure there is always music to hear.

LG GM730 User Interface

Internet on the LG GM730 is also possible. The device has an Internet Explorer 6 browser you can surf the Web easily. You can do very high speed since the GM730 supports HSDPA and HSUPA data networks. Via e-mail client can also retrieve your e-mail inbox so you can manage from this phone.
Because the LG also has WLAN (WiFi) smartphone you can also connect to wireless networks within range for most cost effective Internet or transfer files.

GM730 ReviewThe LG GM730 home also has good camera, namely 5 megapixel camera. The camera has features like autofocus and can also record video. With A-GPS allows your photos and videos straight geo tag.

Of course this phone also features music player. So you can store your own MP3’s and play on the LG GM730. Also, the device is equipped with an FM radio receiver. You can also watch videos on the big screen. The media player plays MPEG4 and DivX files such fact without any problems.

With GPS and A-GPS GM730 GL you can also use navigation system. The device is equipped with the TomTom Mav 7 application that you can bring to any location.

Because the device runs on Windows Mobile on the LG you can also open Office files. Word, Excel or PowerPoint it does not matter, the LG GM730 open them all.

LG GM730 Video introduction


The LG GM730 is true all-rounder. Operation is via the excellent functioning 3.0 inch touchscreen. This large screen is perfect for navigational purposes. To this easier to do this unit built-in GPS receiver. So you always know where you are and how best can go from A to B. With this unit you sharp photos with the 5 megapixel camera. A front camera may not lacking, especially for video calling. Fast internet is the LG GM730 with piece of cake through HSDPA or via your own wireless network. For this device to connect your PC to use Bluetooth or USB cable. Bluetooth is also used for file transfer and handsfree calling. Put your favorite music and movies on MicroSD memory card, which you insert the device. This player plays it without problems, making the GM730 also multimedia player.

Simlock No
Network Triband GSM / GPRS 900/1800/1900 + HSDPA 900/1900/2100 MHz
Operating System Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
Dimensions 109.8 x 56.5 x 11.9 mm
Screen 3.0 “65,536 color TFT touchscreen display (240 x 400 pixels)
Memory External Expandable memory with MicroSD
Connections HSDPA, Bluetooth, EDGE, GPRS, WiFi 802.11 b / g, microUSB
External design Integrated 5.0 megapixel camera, 2nd camera for video calling
Other Audio FM radio, Mp3, Video Mpeg4
GPS Built-in GPS receiver

10 thoughts on “LG GM730 Review”

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  2. The worst mobile phone purchse in the last 15 years (10 phones total). Some of things I don’t like:

    – S-class interface is at the most half-baked:
    – Music player does not recognise musician
    or album name (although it is recognized
    when going through Windows Media Player
    – Wifi only working for web-surfing (e-mail
    using wifi not supported)
    – Inbox messages displaying oldest mail
    first, but after opening a message and
    then returning to the inbox, then you
    have the newest message first; consitency?
    – Horizontal view only allowed for SMS
    – Editing contact not available through
    the S-Class interface. Have to go to
    native WM6.1 through “programs”

    - Phone seems to be acting on its own when it is locked ( I lock it before I put it in the bag, I take it out – still locked – and unlock it to find out that it has started several applications on its own (happens when leaving the phone locked on the desk)

    – Support: I have written once when I was confirmed that wifi does not work with e-mail, but following support e-mails were never answered.

    – Thought there might be software fixes to be downloaded, but LG does not provide any such service…

    I will stick with HTC which my wife owns, which does not have any of the above problems.

  3. The worst phone ever. It looks good.It has many features for windows. But essentially not really useful. Don’t even have voice recording feature, Locked itself so that it can’t even accept the calls while the other party calling me thought i wasn’t picking up the phone which in fact i don’t even see the call coming into the phone. I will even change back to oldest nokia phone i ever owned.

  4. I have the same view as what Masahiro Katsuno has mentioned. I’m totally dissapointed with this phone that I bought in Apr’2010. Although it has more features that my previous Nokia N95, it was not user-friendly at all and it hangs quite frequent.

    I do have the same problem like admiremariah that LG GM730 automatically login to GPRS without my concern and the Telcom charge me quite a huge sum for the usage of 3G or internet of which I’m not using it at all. This is not a value buy, it is a cost buy….. the telcol charges is added on to my total cost of purchase. Could anybody know how to deactivate the connectivity to 3G or GPRS? You may send your solution to my e-mail alexkhoo2020a@yahoo.com.

    I just wonder why this phone always hanged and I have to restart and restart and restart….. useless phone.

    I hopye LG should provide us an upgrade of software to resolve our issue in order for them to take care of their reputation as phone maker in the world.

    Quite frustrated with LG GM730. Not advisable to purchase this unit.

  5. gosh im having the same problem with alex , it automatically connected to the GPRS and charge me wit tat , anyway to solve it ?

  6. wost phone ever, very disappointing. locks itself up very easyly. Insentive touch screen ( which is killing me). Takes too long before forwarding callers to voicemail if i m not picking up. Difficult access to the features… limited 3g, no gps found as advertised. Please don t buy it if not u will regret. I lost $180 on this stupid phone

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