LG Dare Review

Verizon Wireless, American mobile operator giant, is ready to welcome the excellent keyboardless LG Dare VX9700, which is presented in style with the fashion of the current time.

LG Dare VX9700

LG will continue its success by marketing smartphone soon riding the wave initiated by the iPhone. Indeed, the Korean manufacturer has announced the release date of registering device in the lineage of famous LG Prada. Unsurprisingly, we find the size factor and the general design of the Apple phone. Fortunately, the baby of LG shipped some small innovations that could make the difference. The LG VX9700 (name of the new Smartphone) is equipped with proximity sensor that locks the screen when the phone to your ear. LG has also thought to allow the automatic adjustment of the power of display backlighting with ambient light sensor (as with the iPhone).

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Here are the characteristics Dare VX9700:

  • Music

The LG VX9700 has an MP3 player with an interface much improved over the phones offered by the brand. is possible to create playlists and sort songs by artist, album or genre. There are also functions and random repeats. There is also “Cover Flow” like on the iPhone allows the user to move from an album cover to another with flick of the finger. The internal memory does not allow to store lot of tracks, slot offers memory storage up to 8GB or the equivalent of 2000 songs.

  • Camera

The LG Dare embeds target with 3.2 megapixel maximum resolution of 2048×1536. The Schneider-Kreuznach lens paired with autofocus and face detector promises high quality photos. The editor offers the zooming, cropping, rotation and contrast. It is also possible to record video in VGA resolution 640×240 at 120 frames per second which is remarkable.

lg dare review

  • Broadband

The LG VX9700 Dare provides access to the 3G network to take advantage of high flows. Thus, large files are downloaded quickly and the web pages appear with remarkable speed. Access to these mails is also easier and sending with an attachment is not very long. By the browser is not really successful cons and surfing is very difficult. ‘re Not in the case of simplified and intuitive navigation that can be found on the iPhone.

The LG Dare is complete and successful mobile phone.

However, this terminal has touch Ecan not seem to match the simplicity of use that can be found with the user interface of the Iphone. The aircraft performance is good despite the lack of WiFi feature that would have made the aircraft even more complete. One can note the presence of variety of interesting extra features like 3.5 mm audio output, stereo Bluetooth connectivity and GPS.

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  1. I am getting the lg dare from my mom in a few days when she upgrades her phone. I am not on her cell phone plan and she has the unlimited plan so she could not answer this question for me, but how much data would you say the lg dare uses a month? I currently have the $9.99 data plan which gives me 25 MB. I was just wondering if I would have to upgrade it or if that data plan would be good. If you could please get back to me that would be lovely. Again, my e-mail is: hotbabegirlie09@hotmail.com


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