LG Crystal Review

There has been lot of negative feedback regarding LG’s mobile phones. The LG Neon is good example.

Is LG Crystal an improvement? Read the review below and find out:

LG Crystal is beautiful mobile phone by LG that has transparent keypad. This HSPA cellphone also has touch screen with S-Class user interface, multi-touch input method, accelerometer, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. So, in addition to being beautiful is also functional!

The video lasts for 3 minutes and 42 seconds and shows quick overview of the main functions of the phone. We wish you good viewing!

A breathtaking design with technical background of respect, isn’t it?

LG Crystal
Coming from very peculiar LG slider keypad features transparent and illuminated with which interact to access the many features offered by this model.
Warning: This is not phone that tries to mask with scarcity design technique, far from it. The LG GD900 Crystal combines so appealing aesthetic qualities of the first order with technical specifications by no means trivial.

As mentioned, the design is one aspect that most glaringly obvious, at least initially. The structure is typical of the kind of transparency slider and the games are really interesting and engaging, especially in low light conditions with the backlight.
Basically one could call mobile multitouch in which even the keyboard is proposed with this feature, and integrates seamlessly to interact with the interface similar to the Arena model.
Weighing about 127 grams, the LG GD900 Crystal is proposed with lithium ion battery and proprietary operating system.

LG GD900 Crystal is GSM / UMTS Quadband with HSDPA support for data transfer at high bitrate. It ‘also WAP browser to connect to internet and Bluetooth connectivity. The USB interface allows quick and efficient connection to personal computer.
The touchscreen display has diagonal 3-inch display 16 million colors and works at resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.
The camera mounts sensor 8 MPixel and allows taking pictures at maximum resolution of 3.264×2.448 pixels. It features autofocus, LED flash and allows recording movies.
Among the features you can find support for Java applications, TV-Out, the call to vibration, the built-in speakerphone, an alarm clock and voice recorder.

Among the various features, could not miss versatile player MP3/AAC/AAC + / WMA player DivX/XviD/MPEG4 and reader, reader of documents DOC, XLS, PPT and PDF and nice FM radio. The user can also have large number of pictures and polyphonic ringtones.
The battery is lithium and the memory is expandable with microSD up to 16 GB.

Surely the LG GD900 Crystal seems like very interesting and unusual cell.
While most immediately striking for what is its main feature, the touchscreen keyboard is completely transparent at the same time did not disappoint expectations with regard to technical characteristics.
The sale price is not particularly low but then it is faced with what is offered by the manufacturer.
Here we have to deal with the new LG GD900, cell phone really interesting for both the technical skills and for design solutions which have been adopted. A few days ago we dedicated the new LG GD900 quick study and as video is worth thousand words, here’s an interesting video review of the new phone from LG.

When I look at some phones do not know I never capacitive, and because the technology is moving forward but also because certain solutions leave me flabbergasted. Like when we attended the presentation of the new “jewel” (initially I thought it was done with precious stone) LG GD900, concentrate of technology but winks design. Its peculiarity is in fact in the presence of the numeric keypad (vertical slide) completely transparent and enlightened (that you can see through).

Naturally also the features are first class: we can not mention support for 3G which is translated into the specific HSDPA (7.2Mbps) headphone or specially designed for use with this terminal (we hope is match, at least for regard to the design). It seems that the interface is designed for ease of use, we’ll see. There is no mention of price, but two hypothetical Release dates: May or the second half of 2009.

Pros: design, connective department, camera, expandable memory

Cons: too high price

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  1. It’s so beautiful! Not just embody on its transparent keypad, but on the whole design. It deserves the high price for this unprecedented design, as well as its strong function. However, I won’t spent so much money to buy one…

  2. Good looking phone. It’s having problem of battery and it’s freezing some time. Phone have no GPS. Some you are not able to get sms also.

  3. I have this fone its crashes all the time. battery life on it isn’t great & also i now cant access my messages.

  4. i love the phone.. unfortunately I dropped it in the river.. CAn anyone helped me or tell me if that my phone have the chance to be fix?

  5. I ordered the phone yesterday, so it has’nt arrived yet. I just had to comment on the “too high” price. Here in Finland the lowest price was 269 euros, that would be around 340 USD. Now, that ain’t anywhere near too high for such a phone as the GD900.

  6. I’ve had this phone for abotu a year, and for the most part its great! I love the phone itself, so cute, and functional as well. The problem of freezing and bad battery life is an issue for me too, and over time, the problems have become really bad. Now, the battery will charge, then after you use the phone for a short while, it will tell you it’s low battery and turn off. Turn it on again, and it will say it’s full. A couple minutes after, it will repeat the previous. There are quite many other issues, but maybe it is just my phone. On the other hand, LOOOVE the wifi feature, and ienjoy being able to edit photos taken with the 8 megapixel camera right on the phone. Overall, it’s a cool, innovative cell! 🙂

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