LG CF360 Review

LG CF360 is one of the latest mobile phones for the Korean manufacturer, characterized by young and attractive design.

It is an interesting model from the perspective of capabilities. lg cf360

LG CF360 cellphone is sold in the USA by AT&T.
In addition to supporting HSDPA technology, the CF360 has A-GPS for assisted localization and Bluetooth integrated, right, for example.
But the technical specs does not end here.

Building previously there was youth design. In fact, the LG CF360 has black coloration with touch of red. In addition to structure slides that hides an alphanumeric keyboard, number of keys with Central pad arrangement and unusual shapes.

Apart from that, this model measurement 101 millimetres in height, 48 mm in width and 17 millimetres in thickness. The ball is weight share 100 grams including battery.

The latter from 900 mAh, offers an autonomy as long as 3 hours Talktime and 250 in standby time.

LG CF360 Phone

Nicely affordable yet packed full of entertainment and location features, the 3G-enabled LG CF360 slider phone for AT&T is an excellent mobile communications partner. You’ll be able to quickly download video, music and more over AT&T’s …

LG CF360 now available from AT&T

Buckle up, folks, because your minds are about to be blown. Is it the 1.3 megapixel camera? No. The choice of two exciting trim colors?

LG CF360 is Quadband phone and HSDPA (to 3.6 Mbps) with 2-inch display to show 65,000 colors to resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Connective Ilcomparto, in addition to convenient USB interface for the data transfer from and toward personal computer, stands an integrated Bluetooth module. However, there is no Wi-Fi. Browser WAP and GPRS technology complete the picture.

lg cf360 cellphone review
The camera has modest, only 1.3 megapixel sensor, and may be used trolley both pictures that to record video in low quality. Photographs can reach the maximum resolution of 1.280 x 1,024 pixels.
There, as expected, the possibility to send SMS, MMS and email. Also you can take advantage of the integrated A-GPS receiver convenience to always find the road using road navigation software.
The operating system allows you to install programs and games java in addition to exploit applications already installed as the audio player (MP3/eAAC + / WMA) and video (MP4/H.263/H.264/WMV).
Memory is expandable with up to 8 GB microSD.

A medium level, then, with good connective Department mainly thanks to the support HSDPA phone. Although lacking the Wi.Fi, the CF360 is equipped with Bluetooth module and WAP browser.
The display is ordinary even in case the camera is quite modest and fails to ensure fully acceptable shots.
The selling price is reasonable whereas technical and sleeker.

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  1. I did not get lucky… The first day I realized, that somebody is calling me, but name on the caller ID is from previous caller… The same happened when I selected somebody from the Address book and pressed “Send” button. It was calling that number, but for some reason name was of another caller, who I just called before. When I entered a new contact to the address book – it did not let me edit it later – after all corrections I selected “Save” option in the left bottom corner, but square with error message “No Data” popped up, exclamation mark and misspelled name stays the same – misspelled up until now… Too much trouble for two days of having this phone… Tech-support had no clue what that might be, and I am getting another phone from AT@T. This time – it will be Nokia…

  2. Also, I tried to to select telephone number from the list of received calls and update with this number existing address book entry as I was prompted to do – did not work out. No luck again.

  3. I can’t believe that I don’t see more complaints about the LG CF360 phone. Have we reached a point where receiving and sending a call is optional??? AT&T has sent me my 4th CF360 and they all have the same problem, they go to sleep and will not send or receive a call. This condition remains until you reset the phone by turning it off and then back on. Sometimes when you turn off the phone the screen goes dark but the keyboard stays lit. When this happens the phone will not turn back on of go on and turn off. This condition will continue until the phone runs it’s battery down or you remove the battery to reset the phone. AT&T has sent me 4 phones and they all act this way. I can’t believe that there is any CF360’s without this problem. Are all the other owners of this phone so anamored with features that they are not annoyed with this basic failure???

  4. The same exact thing happened to me as David described. Except for me even after i completely took out the battery I wasn’t able to turn the phone on…… I have it on now but I’m never turning it off.. Even though now i can’t send or receive texts 🙁

    But for everyone considering this phone, despite the reviews, its really not THAT bad. I think my particular phone and the phones of the owners above were defective, but call quality, messaging.. all the basics were pretty good!

  5. I have an lg cf360, and I had no probs with first one, mine was red, the blue might have probs, my blue one stopped using 3G, im not sure why, it just uses antenna, I hope this helps

    P.S. Very helpful video format info! I convert utube vids so I can watch on my fone, its great!

  6. I have an lg cf360, and I had no probs with first one, mine was red, the blue might have probs, my blue one stopped using 3G, im not sure why, it just uses antenna, I hope this helps

    P.S. Very helpful video format info! I convert utube vids so I can watch on my fone, its great!

  7. This phone is not much better than two cans and piece of string. It will become inoperable without warning. I typically will recognize it after trying to make a call and the call not going through. Often the phone has been inoperable for much time at this point (not receiving calls or messages and not being able to place calls). Also, the power button will often not work unless I physically take the battery out and replace it. AT&T replaced the phone with another one of the same model. The same thing happened – this model is defective and AT&T should take responsibility. I will be changing carriers when my contract tuns out in a few months – almost two years of frustration!

  8. I’m glad I aint the only one with a problem with this phone. Mine sometimes will not recieve a call or even a text message and when the persone calls me a majority of the time it will say this number does not exist and with text messages well I just wont recieve them and most times it wont send. Sometimes a call or text will come through but it will not ring, vibrate, light up, or anything. This phone is going to get me serious trouble one day.

  9. My CF360 has awful reception including the places where my previous Motorola RAZOR 3V worked perfectly. I don’t care much about other features like colors and memory but the telephone must be the telephone.

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