LG Banter Review

But in case phone is what you need, phone is what you pay for with LG Banter. It has sliding QWERTY form-factor and is equipped with 1.3 megapixel camera, built-in MP3 player, Bluetooth, microSD card slot.
LG Banter comes with free shipping and is available in combination of silver and black.

This is slider phone equipped with QWERTY keyboard, 1.3 megapixel camera, integrated MP3 player, Bluetooth, microSD card slot and has changeable faceplates.

It has interesting features for the more demanding, but unfortunately we do not know yet the price or availability. Still, we can still say their details as they come, the new Banter brings the following:

Among its features, it emphasizes the dual CDMA connectivity (800/1900 MHz) and its powerful Li-Ion battery with capacity of 5 hours for talking on the phone, although it can work about 288 hours on standby. Quite impressive, isn’t it?
LG Banter vs LG Rumor 2 Video review

It has TFT screen with resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, has very good 1.3 megapixel camera, possibility to add microSD and microSDHC memory, its QWERTY keyboard is modern and has Bluetooth. Finally let us note its Connectivity WAP 2.0 and MP3 player and MPEG4 video.

LG Banter Tech Specs

Estimated talk time: up to 5.5 hours
• Estimated standby time: up to 10 days
• Weight: 125 grams
• Size: 11.2 x 5.3 x 1.7 cm
• Internal Memory: 38 MB
• External Memory: Up to 16 GB

• Send quick text messages, instant messages and multimedia messages using the QWERTY keyboard
• With the 1.3 megapixel camera, capture lasting moments of photos and send them to your friends
• MP3 player with microSD memory card slot (up to 16GB)
• Bluetooth ® ¹
• Music player
• Voice dialing
• Alarm
• Loudspeaker
• Voice
• Calendar
• Memory card slot
• Camera

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  1. Thank you for posting this article. It has interesting features for the more demanding.

  2. I just have one question does the banter come with the three faceplates or do I have to buy them?

  3. Ok, this phone isnt all that great. I dont mean to be a pessimist but the lg banter that ive had for a year now with every single one of those features on it, very exact same fone has been pretty horrible. I’ll start off with the “slick” issue. This fone is so slippery that it’s practically asking to be dropped, and you will drop it eventually. Doesnt matter how good you are. And the 2nd problem, its all plastic and quite fragile. Combine slippery with fragile… Not a good sounding thing really. Anyways, i’ve only dropped mine once that i would consider a significant drop since i bought it. (waist height pulling it out of pocket, frll on hard wood floor). And what happened in affect of that were these problems: speaker immediately stopped working during calls or recordings, backlight goes dim after 10 second setting and then goes black as it should… But then… It comes back on by itself and repeats all day long in your pocket killing the battery life. Camera Doesnt take pictures. Etc. In short, i would be very careful with this one. And using it as a work fone would be a laughable attempt. Dont bother. Ive sent back thrice times already. And ps. I know that it’s phone. I just say fone by habit. Peace. Lataz.

  4. Nice features- Lousy quality… I purchased five of these phones thru alltel in June of 2009. One failed in less than a month and was replaced… All six (counting the replacement one) have problems and my previous ones (Kyocera) lasted 8 years with only 1 repair & a samsung for 3 years with no problems so I’m not hard on them. With these LG phones two have had display failures, one won’t charge the battery, one had keyboard problems, and almost all of them develop the nasty habit of randomly shutting off at random times so if you are waiting for a phone call your phone may be off… the batterys are very poorly constructed so if you get extra batterys the LG brand ones will fall apart from normal wear & tear (never a problem with Kyocera or Samsung) 6 out of 6 LG phones all sub-par… and LG has done nothing to make any of this right…. I will never own or recomend another LG phone– very poorly built and the company seems uninterested in standing behind the product… LG=Lousy Garbage!

  5. I just got the LG Banter!!!! I wanted the LG Rumor but the LG Banter was cheaper and seemed much the same. I would recommend it so far but as far as problems go I can’t really say, I haven’t had it long enough.
    Good Luck

  6. I have owned this phone for about 1.5 years. I am on my second one because the first was completely messed up. The second is not much better. I was forced to get this one over any other at U.S. Cellular. Ever since I got it, it turned off if the qwerty was slid too fast or the bottom of the phone was tapped slightly. It is very irritating. Also, just recently, I have encountered screen problems with this. When I slide the keyboard, the main screen either goes blank, or has odd colors. Also, the contacts will get mixed up with each other. Honestly, this phone is not good by any means.

  7. This is one of the best general purpose phones I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned many. Bought it used on ebay about four months ago and it has been a great phone. I’ve had no problem hanging onto it, so it’s not that slippery. It has a nice weight to it, connects extremely clear, menu is easy to navigate, all operations work, charges strong and lasts, qwerty slide works with ease.
    Nothing bad to say about this phone.

  8. Have had this phone for about 6mons now. The display is all messed up. It shows up upside down and backwards same with the fonts.It’s never been dropped worked great up until recent. When it slides it goes blank. Impossible to text as the screen shows up in half or a quarter of the way and changes colors. Can’t look up a contact and it dials the number backwards…..in short never getting this phone again!

  9. This phone is garbage! Everytime I text I get it filling in words even though its set to abc not word or T9. If I type a txt longer thab 150 characters I have to send it again 2-4 times b4 the other person receives it. This was not an issue with my carrier cuz my sis has the same carrier. It turns itself off and on on its own while I’m in the middle of something and I’ve never dropped it to cause this problem. And yes it is very slippery. I have come very close to dropping it but have caught it. The battery life stinks and it will just stop sending txts for me or freeze up which requires me to remove the battery for it to start working again. I have sent my concerns to LG and they told me to take it to my carrier…they charge a deposit to get the phone fixed which is not the problem there is no fixing it which is what I told them…I am a techie and I know a design flaw when I see one…I have 4 friends that have the same phone some with different carriers and they all do the same thing. They have the exact same issues with their phones. If you want to be frustrated and get ticked off trying to send a text then by all means buy this phone. I have had it 6 months and I am purchasing another phone…LG should back their products I responded to their msg to me about the carrier and told them if I had the deposit money to send it out I would just buy a new phone from Samsung! They didn’t like that I guess cuz they did not respond…Nice to know they back their mistakes…The Banter was a big mistake for LG. As far as I’m concerned it should be taken off the market…I have had cell phones for 10 yrs and this was my 2nd LG phone since my first flip they came out with…my suggestion is buy Samsung. Have had nothing but good luck with their mobile phones. I bounced one off a brick wall and it still worked! My experience with this phone has left me very reluctant to buy another LG phone…I am giving it to my friend’s kid to smack off the floor when I buy a new one…that’s all its good for!

  10. This phone is pretty good to use, it is slippery and I’ve dropped it twice only slightly damaging the cover on the back and the screen where it says provider. I don’t have any problems with it like the other people seem to have and I love the long battary life because I can go a whole week without charging.

  11. I’ve had this phone since I was 12 and I’m 14 now. My plan is almost up. I love this phone. I know it’s not cool, like at all. It’s really lame nowadays. It works nice! I’ve never had a problem with it. My friends and I, at one point in time, all took turns throwing it into a sandbox. Not a problem. I threw it against the door today because I was mad. Battery and back came off, but it’s SIMPLE to fix, I turned it back on and works as good as new!

  12. Can anybody tell me why all of a sudden my lg banter went crazy on me! i just got dont txtin a friend when my phone stop working! The screen is still showing but when you push the buttons it doesnt do anything, Also when this happen my phone had a memory card sible showing on the top of the screen. i have never put a memory card in my phone nor there wasnt one in when this sible came up!! I took my battery out then turned it back on, did the same thing. Took my brother battery out of his phone to see what it would do, and it worked put my battery back in same thing. I just took my battery out and left it out.later on i put my battery back in and turned it on memory card sible still there!!! Took battery out one more time then put it back in the phone the memory card sible came on the shut off now my phone is working again!! Can anybody tell me what might of happened or what i should do?

  13. I’ve owned my lg banter for almost a full year and NEVER had a problem with it.although, using the sd card for music does kill battery life. other than that,NO PROBLEM !

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