Prepaid Cellular Plan That Works In Boston And In Ottawa Canada

Prepaid cellular plan that works in Boston and in Ottawa Canada?

Is there program cellular paid in advance that can work in Boston and Ottawa in Canada? I bought payment of Cingular while go but it’s not working at all. Smusso even voicemail adjustments. Whatever got an idea of what phone service can I get that I can use with Boston # while in Canada?

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  1. You need to contact Cingular and find out why it is not working. “Did you buy your phone card?” That has to be purchased first in order for your phone to work. You will have to put in codes, if its a prepaid phone. Unless they bill you.. Try that first before you go out and buy another one. Good Luck!

  2. you should do as Sue said first, and before you get Nextel, make sure that the prepaid service they offer (Boost) will work there. Although Nextel works there, it’s not Nextel’s system that you’re actually using, it’s a company they have a deal with.

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