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ibookboyuk asked:

Chris Moyles and the team breakfast radio 1 BBC was giving suggestions and tips about using the text messaging mobile phone, such as the use of 'word' following, and & # 039; word 'previous year; in using the keys right dictionary of the phone (left bottom / top) and pressing and holding the square button (lower right) for numbers typing and pressing the button and taking the star (lower left) for punctuation. They also mentioned that press and hold the 1 button access to your answerphone, in case you have the number in the phone. The departments, the newsreader, have mentioned feature called something like the following composition of the visitor. He said that that in case you compose something like # 0123 * (star hash 0123) then your mobile phone seek outside the microtelefoni who were close neighbors. Profit GOOD in case someone forgets their number. Is this possible?