Cellular Card And Laptop Vs Smartphone

curioustraveller asked:

I ‘m trying to decide whether to get phone card for my laptop or Smartphone (blackberry / treo / etc.) so I can have Internet access while travelling in South-Eastern Asia.

I know that I will have filling the cell phone where I’m going. Specifically, I ‘m seeking access email and the ability to load programmes being large files document. This is the computer phone card worth it? What is the best?
Is cellular card+ laptop or smartphone better for online access travelling internationally? What kinds?
Or is it smartphone? Again, which apply the penalty to examine? Anyone who has experience of this in Asia If?
Thanks for the advice!

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  1. heres the points to consider:

    Weather you use a PDA or laptop with Data connect card, you will need to use a cellular provider with sim card. Your service would need data connectivity enabled.

    if the cellular contract you plan on using is bought from your home country, you will need to activate an international roaming service. Remember to ask your provider about internet connectivity & email.

    The alternative to international roaming which could turn out as very costly is to get a prepaid data cellular service from a local service provider in the country where you will be visiting. Also if you do this there will be less complications regarding international roaming for data services which is very common.

    Then, you mentioned the need to download or receive large files via email.. If you are sure that a PDA handset can accommodate for these files in terms of size & compatibility, go with the PDA rather than a laptop. The laptop does have more capabilities with regard to softwares & functionality but it is much bigger & cant be carried about in a jacket pocket.

    I think your biggest problem will be getting a service provider with data connectivity from your home country who can provide international roaming for data.

    Let me know if you have any further questions..


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