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  1. An iphone is just like an ipod touch,but it has phoning and internet facilities in it. It has an 80gb ipod video or 160 gb video ipod in it.

  2. dont get the iphone. Sure, its a cool phone, but 2 years from now, they’re going to have a different model of it out. Think back to when cell phones were HUGE. They’ll always evolve. Wait and get a better one. The iphone is probably top notch right now, so everything else that comes out is going to be molded from it.

  3. Here are a couple of links to look at:

    Basically this new version has faster internet, GPS navigation and ability to download(buy) applications such as games.

    The Phone will cost $199 for 8GB $299 for 16GB. Then you will have to buy a voice plan for at least $39.99/month along with a Data plan for $30/month for unlimited web surfing, then a text messaging plan for $5-$15/month.

    Expect to pay $80+/month for the full service plan. I would expect AT&T will let you drop the data plan and just use this as a sweet touch screen phone.

    The phone has a very smooth UI which is fun to use, but lacks some basic features that might be very important for some. For example, it doesn’t have picture messaging which is very important for some people but not for others. There might be an application that someone will create to accomplish this, but you will likely have to pay for it.

    Take a look at the links above, there is a great deal of information out there. I will likely buy the 3G iPhone when it comes out, but might wait to see if there are some applications to buy that will fill in the missing pieces first.

    Good luck with your decision.

  4. PROS:
    –3G Speeds for wireless data. Meaning u can surf the web almost as fast as u can on a desktop
    –Contact search for your address book. (If u have many contacts, u can type a few letters and you’ll be shown who u want to call. )
    –When u switch the calculator into landscape, u will have a scientific calculator
    –An app store so that u can buy apps related to games, business, entertainment, and others. (most apps are free)

    –$90-$100 a month…..and around $2000 after your 2 year contract.

  5. I got my iPhone back in October and all I can say is that I absolutely love this device. Almost everything about it is a Pro. This phone gives you instant email access, instant internet access, the easiest texting available, and it’s also a phone! I paid 400.00 for it an have not regretted it for one moment. If you’re getting the new, less expensive, iPhone that is being released on July 11th then you are getting my phone with a faster internet speed and better applications, including GPS. It boggles my mind that they can improve on this device.
    My only con is that I cannot upgrade yet, but amazingly, I’m okay with that.
    And what does it matter that once you buy your phone they will already be working on something better to put out the next time? It doesn’t matter.

  6. Hi, I have an iPhone, and I can try to do my best by telling you the pros and cons.

    Pros- All your music, videos, pictures, and phone, on one machine. Easier than buying all the other machines. Fun to play with.

    Cons- Hard to type, slow internet, can’t send pictures on text msging, not very much memory.

    Well I hope that helped you, and if you are planning to get a n iPhone, I would suggest waiting for the Generation 3 of iPhones to come out!

    Good luck on choosing,

  7. i must recommend you go for the new model comming on 11th july.
    I will simply say that i can manage all my webmster things from this device from phoning client to managing my hosting servers

  8. Apple does not make the first one anymore because they are bulking up on the new one so they don’t run out the first day.
    it will be released July 11, 2008

    +New Software updates for free through iTunes.

    -Screen is Glass. But Durable. [ i droped mine a couple of times.. no cracks or scratches.

  9. i have the iphone. it has internet. if you go on iphone.beejive.com you can go on aim. the camera has great resolution. tells you the weather. has a built in ipod. you can chesk ur email. n it has awsumm maps with directions. you can also go on youtube. The things that are awsumm is that since i have the garage band application on my laptop i can make ringtones out of song and my own voice or whatever i want…… i also use it at parties for when theres a hot guy i dnt know. i just play with my phon a couple minutes and he comes upto me like “Yoo!! is That thE IPHONE??” it makes a great conversation starter.

  10. The new iphone has great Internet speed and a gps . good games and music the touch screen has a awesome sensor and fun for people who love music,videos ,games, and of course talking. if you have hard math like algebra or above the iphone has a scientific calculator when its flipped.the 2.0 can now save images from the Internet.Its useful for planing and keeping track of things The new app store has tons of cool stuff to download and games as good as some in the psp. The camera has 2.0 mega-pixels but still good images and if you plane on hacking the iphone you can record video. the Headphone have a built in microphone.Thanks to the app-store and instaler.app you can add tons of things into it for themes to learing about the brain software.The bad part is that it only has 8 or 16GB which if you have a lot of videos is not that much space. If you don’t hack it you will have to stick with at&t and have to pay $1200 in 2 yaers and only have 700 minutes a month. Also the new iphone has a thing that shows apple what you doing with you phone any where.the price has not been 100% true but right now they say its $200 for 8gb but in other country they say $499 for 8GB. The new iphone dose not come with a dock and the bluetooth is bad it cant transfer any thing at all the battery is longer life then the 1gen but we still don’t now if it has to be replaced every year. the camera is still not taking good sized images but you can add some things to make it better.the new one is thicker but weighs less. The new one is made of plastic it looks good but gets broken easily . You have to have at&t to get the visual voicemail and 3g internet speeds. so a think is is a beautiful smartphone and that you can put a phone,ipod,internet, and now software so if you plan on hacking it and getting a different network other then AT&T read the contract if there is one. I hope you like the iphone its is at the end stunning object and i am also buying one but buy it on july 11 or after at the apple store to get the new version!!!!!!

  11. Pros:
    -3G Network
    -Lots of 3rd party applications with the App Store

    -No user-removable battery
    -The new 3G iPhone will actually cost more, because AT&T is charging $10 extra for every month, making the cheapest plan being $70 a month.

  12. Pros:
    3G network (fast internet and download speeds)
    App Store (Ability to download 3rd party applications, such as games, medical terms and more)
    GPS (Track where you are when you open up the “Maps” app, gives you turn by turn directions)
    Cheaper ($200 cheaper than previous iphone)
    Better battery life

    Plastic (May scratch more easily than the previous metal shell, but also has better reception)
    Slightly thicker ( Slightly thicker than previous iphone because it has 3G and GPS. Nothing you can see with the naked eye though)
    More expensive data plan (Previous plan was $20, now its $30)

    I currently have the original iPhone. I love the user interface of it, very very simple to use. It feels great in hand, not made out of cheap materials. The battery life is great, usually lasts a day to 2 depending how much I use it. Hope this helps!

  13. iPhone pros and cons

    Reason #1 the iPhone is a technologically advanced phone
    reasons supporting that, the iPhone has changed the way we think about cell phones and i think the iphone is going to change the way we think about phones.

    Reason #2 the iPhone uses AT&T service which has some faults but in the end it always come on top

    Reason #3 its a revolutionary iPod, with a gorgeous touch screen with multi-touch technology

    Reason #4 its looks, speak for themselves

    Reason #5 its lowered price I would easily have paid $400 for it but at its low price it cant be beaten

    Reason #6 iTunes, if you look music on the go, the iPhone is great and the new iPhone may let you use the music application over 3g

    Reason #7 durable screen

    Reason #8 you can buy new applications from the iTunes store and you may build your own apps which is great for business users


    Reason #1 No MMS, not a big deal but it is a feature included in a ton of phones not nearly as expensive as the iPhone

    Reason #2 Getting it will be a hassle but the feeling you get from opening the box is just amazing

    Reason #3 No video recording capabilities and no 3 mega-pixel camera

    Overall: The iPhone is the best phone period and i reccomend you getting it.

    5 stars

  14. I am in Canada and I couldn’t wait until July 11th to get my iPhone so I bought one in November of 07. The pros that I find is obviously the touch screen trust me I will never go back to a regular phone again, the large screen makes internet browsing way better and more efficient, Installer and/or AppStore give you a whole bunch of third party apps to download likes games, tweaks, wallpapers, themes etc. most are free. When I got mine I had to go through the hassle of unlocking/ jailbreaking it but you don’t have to, also I paid like 500 for my 8GB, when they come here their gonna be like 199 for the 8GB and 299 for the 16GB. The only cons I have found is their is no MMS meaning the only way to send pictures is through email not text (they will probably add it in the future update) no video camera and only 2MP camera. (Installer has a Video Camera tweak which allows you to do video) Overall it’s a sweet phone and wherever you go when you pull it out everyone says “WOW is that an iPhone”

  15. I’ve read ur answers they are pretty good and useful….so there ain’t no point 4 me telling u a lot lol, just gotta tell u : “don’t listen to people saying no wait ’till the better ones come out and something’ bcaz if u think like that u have to wait 4ever bcaz apple would keep updating and upgrading its iphones and so they get better each MONTH. second thing is that the CONTRACT might be a bit expensive(that’s 4 sure) but doesn’t matter 4 me bcaz it’s worth it 😉
    the third thing is that u will be able to add lots of features to ur iphone to solve the negative points by JAILBREAKING IT. For eg: u can jailbreak ur iphone to enable the VIDEO RECORDING, INTERNET PLUGINS AND LOTS OF OTHERS, there ain’t no software to jailbreak a nokia N95 or sony erricsson K750 I or SAMSUNG U700….lol (just some examples lol) SO U GOTTA COUNT JAILBREAKING AS A FEATURE TOO.LOL
    good luck with ur decision.
    im getting an iphone july 11 for my birthday
    Hope to see u in the store too….(lolzz)

  16. First off. Everyone has there own opinion in a phone, as it depends on what suites them.


    *3.5 inch touch screen (8.89cm) diagonally
    *Avaliable in 8GB, 16GB (Black or white) and the 32GB
    *Listen to music
    *Watch music videos or movies
    *Surf the net
    *Takes photos with a 2.0 megapixel camera


    *You can’t edit photos, but can zoom in and do a slideshow
    *You’ll have to get use to the touch screen which has a builtin ‘QWERTY’ keyboard just like the letters on a normal computer keyboard. I’m not shore if there’s extra symbols such as ‘. , / ? -‘ etc:

    Hope this info was useful to you and if you get one I hope you enjoy it.

  17. The pros:
    Everyone wants one
    you can store your music on it (if you buy a big enough one)
    you can visit yahoo.com with it
    The cons:
    It isn’t cheap
    you can’t record video
    you have to sign a 2 year contract

  18. Don’t do it. It takes some getting to use to texting but still a pain in the but because the touch screen is so sensitive. I had an 8 gig one for about a month and the frickin thing gave out on me. In my line of work i’m pretty hard on phones but in this case I happend to get blood on the touch screen part. So, I got a damp towel with a little bleach and started to wipe it down when water somehow got underneath the screen part. I dried it out and let it sit for a couple of days but now, the bottom half of the screen just works. The top half of the screen don’t work whatsoever. Peice of junk.

  19. Major con of the next gen iphone is the cost (especially if you go the PAYG route which will work at about £369, alternatively you will have to sign up to a £30+ contract). I would never pay that, but im working on getting one from (just for completing a sponsor offer)!

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