IPhone Nano Is Coming

A Chinese third-party manufacturer of IPhone accessories may not sound like the world’s most reliable source, but the company that more than month before the launch gave the correct goal for the upcoming IPhone 3G now report that the launch of the IPhone Nano is imminent.

It is the Chinese company XSKN, who has leaked information about the iPhone Nano. In May this year, they reported that they had begun to produce the soft protective shell for the upcoming 3G iPhone, and they also gave the correct dimensions and proportions. It is now argued, that they have begun to produce protective holster shell on the next iPhone Nano, which will be launched at MacWorld in January.

The reputation that gives any credibility is that, according to the specifications it won’t be any super mobile. The phone will have camera, but not 3G, EDGE only.

According to information it should be cheaper alternative to 3G iPhone, and it will be sold in more places than the iPhone 3G is.

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