Here is an overview of some of the main predictions and rumors about iPhone 5.I want to make it clear that these are still rumors and shouln’t be taken as facts. There haven’t been anything confirmed about iPhone 5 from Apple yet

iPhone 5 Processor
There is rumor that iPhone 5 will use A5 Dual Core processor.

The confirmation came with the release of IOS 4.3 and thanks to some programmers who are armed with patience is immersed in the File and codes issued by the latest version of Apple doing some very interesting discoveries.

In string of the SDK you can read the internal name of the processor, or S5L8940: the same combination of characters also use the documents on the iPad 2.

Sure, but what to do with the iPhone 5? The answer lies in string of code placed in file of the IOS kernel 4.3: N94AP symbol used to indicate the new Apple iPhone.

iPhone 5 with an aluminum back cover?

The next iPhone might be redesigned by the style of Apple iPad 2, in order to have the rear shell of aluminum rather than glass. In reporting the news is the Taiwan Economic Daily News citing industry sources in China. Apple, therefore, decided to leave the glass for the construction of the back cover of the fifth generation of the iPhone in favor of aluminum, because it felt lighter and more durable. I wonder in case Apple will use the liquid metal (metal alloy is very resistant to scratches and dents) as the first iPhone, he had the aluminum cover, which in case of falls was covered with scratches.
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iPhone 5 predictions video

4G networks support
One of the features missing in iPhone 4 was the support for 4G networks. That is the reason why it was named iPhone 4 instead of iPhone 4G. Hopefully the next iPhone will support 4G networks also.

iPhone 5 Release date

Some rumors state that iPhone 5 release will be on the on the 2nd quarter of 2011, but many experts are having serious doubts about this prediction and say that it will not be released before September 2011.