Internet Is On Mobile Phones In The Future

The researchers of the CNR said the Internet of the future will mainly by mobile phones. Mobile Browsing

To date, however, from mobile Internet can be real drain: Because of poor infrastructure (Vodafone, not surprisingly, has limited the use of VoIP and P2P that saturate the bandwidth) is not possible to offer real flat fees, in the absence which mobile surfing is almost prohibitive.

The number of mobile browsers is growing exponentially, and within three years, the connections to the network via cellphones and Wi-Fi will surpass the connections via cable network.

The rates charged in Europe for the data connection becomes clear obstacles to mobility not to mention misleading and incomplete information we find on the official sites of the managers. Traps are most evident in roaming and the thresholds of use. mobile phones

The concept of the user who should be the focus (Vodafone preaches well but collects bad) is still far away: the future phones will grow from Italy but we will do as the game of goose. Stands there turn.

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  1. I am not surprised networks have decided to limit the use of VoIP over their networks as they can’t copy with the bandwidth demand.

    I think networks have under estimated the demand for smart phones and can’t cope customers demand for bandwidth.

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