Interesting Android Apps

GOTO Android lockscreen

Although not as customizable or modifiable among many screen lockin apps for Android, GOTO is very light, extremely quick to open and does not seem to cause problems or delays. One of the shortcomings of other similar software is in fact the delay in opening up: “bug” that shows the default Android lockscreen at first, which is then hidden from you. Download the app from here.


With Ringdroid, creating ringtones for an Android phone has never been easier.
With this app you can use music on the SD memory card to create fantastic ringtones to our phone.

Once you start the application, we can choose to upload file from our music library. With the zoom buttons, we can better see the track. Then you can choose the start point and end point of the ringtone. Once cut, we can save our ringtone.

In addition, in case we do not want to use the files in your library, we can record track with microphone in our phone.

The application is compatible with all versions of the Android.


The miCoach is virtual personal trainer application by Adidas that provides six training programs for each discipline and the ability to create more customized programs, designed to match the level of fitness and the specific objectives of each user to monitor, manage and analyze the progress over time.

During the miCoach application development and various levels of sport-specific training, Adidas has worked with some of the best coaches, athletes and teams in the world, including the famous trainer Mark Verstegen, founder and director of research center training and sports Athletes.

This app will be available on the Android market from April.


WhatsApp is the best cross-platform Android application for SMSing. The app lets you easily create and send message to someone who also has WhatsApp. Add photo, video or audio file to message and send to your friends. The big advantage is that the app WhatsApp communicates easily between different mobile operating systems. So you can send free message to Blackberry, iPhone or an Android of course. WhatsApp also searches your contacts for other people, who have WhatsApp.

Home++ – Android homescreen modding app

Home++ is an application that enhances your Home screen. For example, an additional menu will appear at the bottom of your screen that lets you quickly access useful features on your phone.

With gStrings application you can accurately fine-tune your guitar strings. You have the option to include the appropriate tone to be heard or to use pointer to the string of what you hear. See how, to use the gStrings app from the video above.

If you happen to find any other interesting Android apps then please let others know in the comment section below. 🙂

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