Intel And Nokia To Form An Alliance

Anand Chandrasekher, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the group, also said that the company is ready to work with Nokia, the world’s leading producer of mobile devices, an operating system based on Linux.

According to analysts, the platforms Intel chips consume too much compared to rival platforms based on ARM architecture, and therefore are not very suitable for portable electronic devices and mobile phones.

Chandrasekher, however, told Reuters the problem is almost solved.

Battery life – on which greatly affect the width of the screen and processing power – is one of the most important parameters in the field of telephony. Last month, senior executive of Nokia said that when Arm is “miles” ahead of Intel in energy management.

According to Chandrasekher, however, the average power consumption of Intel products is decreasing, and the company has managed to drastically reduce the consumption of the chip, which goes into stand-by between one activity and another.

“This is really their first foray into the field phones and smartphones,” says David Kanter, an analyst at Real World Technologies.

Moorestown, which uses 45-nanometer Atom chip, will be released in 2010. The version with Atom chip to 32 nanometers, Medfield, should instead go out in 2011.

Chandrasekher said that Moorestown would help strengthen the position of Intel in the market for mobile Internet devices. “It ‘a very large market. There is void here. Around 2015, will be worth between 400 and 500 million.

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