HTC Touch Cruise
I Have had the HTC Touch Cruise for week now, like so far very much.
The HTC Touch Cruise is the first smartphone from HTC Touch series with built-in GPS. Maps of western Europe are included, allowing you to the Touch Cruise is not likely the road will lose. The HTC Touch offers just as the Touch Dual blazing fast mobile access to mobile internet via HSDPA. Evanals other appliances Touch the Touch Cruise contains HTC’s TouchFLO technology, which the device with finger can be controlled. New is the special track wheel, which HTC easy scrolling and in / zoom launches. The HTC start screen gives direct access to e-mails, text messages, calendar, contacts and an overview of the weather and forecasts for hundreds of cities. Other notable features are the WiFi and Bluetooth support, 3 megapixel autofocus camera, expandable memory, an FM tuner and 2.8 “large touch screen. The Touch family exists alongside the HTC Touch Cruise from the HTC Touch (GPRS candybar) , HTC Touch Dual (HSDPA slider) and the HTC Touch Diamond (HSPDA & Windows Mobile 6.1).
HTC Touch Cruise Device & dimensions

The HTC Touch Cruise HSDPA is navigation phone with weight of 130 grams. The dimensions of the smartphone are 11 x 5.8 x 1.6 inches. The talk is (under ideal conditions) 420 minutes. The standby time is 450 hours under these circumstances. The HTC Touch Cruise is only available in the color gray.
Call & Data functions

The HTC Touch Cruise supports GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz networks. With the Touch Cruise, you can quickly thanks to the HSDPA mobile internet and UMTS support. The speed of HSDPA removes the difference between home and on the go. With the HTC Touch Cruise can both text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages sent and received. In addition, the Touch Cruise WAP browser. Thanks to the support email you can just read your emails. Vibrating Alarm and polyphonic ring tones are obviously become standard equipment.

HTC Touch Cruise Memory and connectivity

The HTC Touch Cruise has 256 internal memory (ROM). There is total of 1 slot for microSD external memory. You may submit data via USB transfer to and from your PC. The Touch Cruise also has Bluetooth and WiFi (WLAN).

Windows Mobile offers wide range of multimedia functions. So you can listen to WMA and MP3 files, and you can WMV and MPEG Videos. With new software, you can also listen or watch other file formats. The HTC Touch Cruise has two built-in cameras. The maximum resolution of the main camera is 2048 x 1536 pixels (3.00 megapixels). This camera has no optical zoom. The second camera produces pictures with maximum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels (0.3 megapixels). This camera has no optical zoom.

HTC Touch Cruise Display & Control

The operation of the smartphone will take place on the device itself (Toucscreen). The firmware of the smartphone is upgradable. You can possibly later newer versions of the operating system installed.
Prices and Review HTC Touch Cruise

The cheapest HTC Touch Cruise at this moment expensive.

Of course, the Touch Cruise also available by subscription.

TouchFLO is takes some time getting used to, especially the scrolling through Web page. I still find it difficult. But you can always use the stick.
GPS also works fine after some startup problems: 1st time outside incitement always in case you get no signal within quarter … Outside it gets the signal within 10 seconds.
I like it!