HTC HD2 Review

We have already compared HTC HD2 with Motorola Milestone here, but in this post we will give you much more detailed review of HTC HD2 cellphone including its main pluses and shortages. htc touch hd2 review

The rear panel is largely occupied by the metal battery cover. It weighs only 20 grams, or 13% of the total weight of the HD2. It does have reason. Because almost the entire surface of the device from glass display torsion can exist (in the longitudinal bending) are ruinous course.

To the unit in that area more stable to do in my HTC opted to apply relatively thick and full metal battery cover. I (gently) tried, but without the phone battery cover you actually much easier “bend” over with. What I regret is the bulge that HTC has devised the 5 megapixel camera on the apparatus. Of course this is compromise to the thickness of the device within the bounds, but I think the camera module something angular and he also has relatively sharp edges so it is uncomfortable when you phone in (tight) pocket’ve been . HTC had better here in somewhat more rounded solution may think.

Another good thing about HTC HD2 is the lack of buttons around the sides. There is nothing too much and that fits perfectly with such device. Links is large volume knob and the bottom is the 3.5mm audio jack and microUSB connector, but that’s it too. The only lack, but it is also so bad, is key that could serve as shutter button for the camera. The big screen remains on the front of the camera little room for much-needed buttons (call, hang up, menu, and back home space). HTC has solved this in my eyes well by choosing narrow, but wide, with physical toetsennet row below the display. These buttons are easily accessible and also provide adequate feedback.

HTC HD2 Tehnical Features

The HTC Touch HD2 is based also on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 1 Ghz and Ben on the operating system Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional. Has memory from 448 MB RAM, ROM memory of 512 MB, expandable with microSD cards. Thanks to Bluetooth technology you can connect wirelessly to other devices and Wi-Fi connectivity lets you connect to the Internet via hot spot free.

We pass now to the functions provided by this exception and let us reflect on the interface HTC smartphone Sense, already proven on other models of the manufacturer, but for the first time mounted on smartphone based on Windows. This interface allows you to make you the center of activities as it ensures maximum customization, the most fun and the centrality of the individual.

Going in order, the HTC Touch HD2 comes with 5 megapixel main camera and equipped with autofocus and LED flash, thanks to which you can take pictures with maximum resolution of 2592×1944 pixels and recording video footage. There is also front camera and secondary education by which you can make video calls.

As for the music industry, there are the media player that supports audio and video files in many formats, including MP3, AAC, AAC +, WMA, WAV, DivX, XviD, MP4, H.263 and H.264, and FM radio with RDS, which helps the user to check easily the favorite radio stations. Also of note is the presence of 3.5 mm jack, to use their favorite headphones.

HTC HD2 Cons

Weight, dimensions, colors display

HTC HD2 Pros

GPS, DivX support, 1 GHz processor, Display, Connectivity,Facebook and Twitter support, Memory, Camera

Final verdicthtc hd2 review

Charming and attractive, the HTC Touch smartphone HD2 is one of exceptional quality that unites the many functions of the first model, lot of news. Powerful processor, the new operating system, the capacitive multi-touch display much larger, large RAM, and accelerometer, ambient light sensor and compass. Moreover, as the first model, the 5 megapixel camera, connectivity, wide, the player and the radio.

10 thoughts on “HTC HD2 Review”

  1. I must admit I almost lost hope in Windows Mobile but this one… this one is so impressive it’s few leagues higher than other WinMo phones.
    I had a chance to use it for one night, and what a night it was… sigh…
    Gigantic screen (WVGA with capacitive touch), amazingly fast, huge size but very thin.
    Many improvements were added on top of the first HD that was also a very good product.
    My cons:
    – Too thin to hold
    – No physical D-Pad (I still miss those…)

  2. uhh no it does not have a front facing camera, on the 5mp one on the back!! or if it does have a front camera i havent found it yet lol

  3. What kind of english is that in the first part of the review??? It was so bad and strange I could not force myself to read the rest. Nice device though.

  4. I just baught my HD2 about an hour ago. Love what I see, and looking forward to getting my hands on the rom side of it.

    I begin using windows mobile starting with the T-Mobile Shadow. That was wehn I first learned about Windows Mobile. As I was a computer technician then, and still am, I soon began to work on making the Shadow’s rom better for all users. I created themes mainly, and am still the only themer for the 6.5 ROM that has been put onto the Shadow.

    I then got the LG Incite, and started off by making themes. I quickly began to learn how to do more however, and a few months ago I began to create ROMs for the Incite. My Incite rom is currently one of the most stable Incite ROMs. I am currently developing another incite ROM based off my first, but this time with more resources and customizations.

    I have been a computer technician for over 4 years now, that is just the professional side of my skills. Before the pro side computer modding and hacking was just a hobby I did that became very helpful when trying to get past security features at the high school.
    I love windows mobile and look forward to getting to know you all, and be a bennefit to the community.

  5. The only thing i found in the HTC HD2 is that whenever i wanna play music it lags badly and it runs super slow. I dont know what it is if its the kinda music im putting…but let me know what i can do to maximize performance on music. Everything else is GREAT!

  6. wow love this phone. screen is huge, games and apps are fun for me and the wife when we fly. also great for my business, email is easy to use to get the word out about new clients. processor is faster and the camer is much better than my old unlocked cell phone. got my last 3 at and we love them. 2 thumbs way up for the new htc phones!

  7. wow i actually like this phone. my new hd2 is really nice. i mean it’s not perfect but it has it’s good with it’s bads. i like my new unlocked world phones. screen is nice and responsive. i don’t like the buttons on the bottom and it’s kind of big but i’ll keep it. processor is faster, email is great for my business, the web browser is great for navigating and keeping up on my facebook and fantasy football. much better than my old unlocked at&t phones. my wife loves hers for the games and camera to catch all the kids and their moments. she loves her new unlocked t-mobile phones. my daughter takes great pictures with hers and my partner likes his for the gps and business apps. and the games are fun too. got my last couple unlocked cell phones at and 2 thumbs way up

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