HTC Gratia Review

HTC Gratia is medium-priced smartphone that has Android 2.2 and the handy HTC Sense UI preinstalled.

There has been lot said and written about the apps on Android 2.2. The open-source platform developed by Google enjoys an immense popularity at the moment. The strength of Android on the HTC Gratia is obviously the availability of huge number of apps that the capabilities of the Gratia can easily be expanded. Although other operating systems provide these capabilities, it is precisely the explosive growth in recent times that makes us excited about Gratia. The device has 600MHz processor and 512MB memory, that isn’t amazing but bearable.
HTC Gratia Video Review

HTC Gratia connectivity

Gratia has broad Quad-band network support, connections and wireless connectivity are well represented. Physical connections can be found on the Gratia, in the form of the aforementioned 3.5 mm jack. There is also microUSB port and microSD expansion slot for up to 32GB.

HTC Gratia Unboxing video:

HTC Gratia can easily connect to any network via Wi-Fi. This gives you free and high-speed Internet access. The mobile internet is also available through 7.2 Mbps 3G connection. It also has an integrated A-GPS receiver. Finally, Bluetooth 2.1 connection may of course not absent.

Multimedia features

HTC Gratia has very broad range of multimedia features. Both video and audio are simple to play on this newest HTC device. You can watch videos on the 3.2 inch touchscreen with resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. The screen is also not the biggest on the market. But the power of the HTC Gratia is that it offers everything smart phone must have in compact size. Listening to your music is simple with the built-in media player and 3.5 jack lets you easily connect your favourite headphones for the best sound possible.

Gratia has 5 megapixel camera that shoots great photos. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have flash, so pictures in the dark are harder to make. During the day you have no problems. You can share your best pictures you take with this mobile phone simplythrough various social media apps like FriendFeed stream, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and many others.

In conclusion
With many features, good hardware and excellent software, any novice and experienced user is well off with HTC Gratia. But don’t get confused. It is not the best Android phone on the market, but it is really good smartphone considering its price/quality ratio. If you are looking for the best phone possible, you should think about buying HTC Desire HD, iPhone 4, Nokia N8 or something similar.
The current HTC Gratia price is around $490 USD in case you want to buy an unlocked phone.

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