Send A Video Directly From My Cellphone To Youtube

CSCZ asked:

I have generated customer uploading mobile on youtube and I did report management system materials to send my video a. My question is how to transmit the video to this customer. I tried to send it via multimedia message, but I can only put the numbers for the address that I am sending my phone and address that youtube is saying to forward @ contains symbol and letters. How trasmetterei video from my phone to youtube of customer management system specifically materials? I have phone Samsung SGH-A707. And I tried to keep the key number, but only gave me letters of symbols not. If you are new to youtube and looking to grow your channel you, can now purchase youtube views.

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  1. Without knowing what specific type of phone you have, it would be difficult to tell.

    There should be a key on your phone that will shift from entering the numbers to alphabetical keys. I’ve had lots of phones before and they all have this option. In a certain brand of phone, try pressing and hold the # key to switch from 123 to ABC.

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