5 thoughts on “ Send A Picture From Pc To My Mobile Phone”

  1. Think you can send text messages from websites. Think Yahoo has a text message service. It probably will cost you a bit of money to send it though.

  2. its about time u got a better phone mate

    try a nokia 6230i for a starter very good phone can be picked up new for about £99

    my n70 is cool but wifes n95 is so cool its outta this world

  3. You can send an email to your cell phone with the photo as an attachment. If you’re with AT&T/Cingular, you can send an email to your phone number @cingularme.com.

    For example, if your cell phone number is 503-555-1212 then you’d send an email to.

    It’ll cost you money to email it though (about 10 cents per kb of photo size)… which adds up pretty quick.

    Have you considered getting a new phone that supports usb or bluetooth? I’ve included a link below to several free phone offers and some with cash back, and that way you’ll be able to transfer photos for free using a usb cable or bluetooth

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